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Best Chamber Vacuum Sealers for 2021


We are living in a busy world where we may not have enough time to cook our food on a daily basis and serve it hot. Hence, there is a growing demand for fast food joints and other types of restaurants. Even those who live alone spend more time with their jobs, careers, businesses and they also spend a lot of time commuting and being outside their homes. Many of them do not like to eat food outside and would prefer eating quality cooked food that is as good as home cooked food. This is where the role of quality chamber vacuum sealers comes into play. They are considered to be one of the best options for different types of restaurants, though they could be a bit expensive when compared to other conventional types of food sealers.

These vacuum cleaners are also a bit on the larger side. But they have a track record of doing an excellent job when it comes to sealing food in airtight packaging made of durable and healthy plastic. Let us have a look at a few more features of the chamber vacuum sealers. We are sure it will help the readers to have a more balanced understanding and perspective of these devices. Further, we also will have a look at four different brands and models of chamber vacuum cleaners. This will further broaden the scope of understanding and help our readers and restaurant owners to make the right choice based on facts rather than opinions.

What Makes Them So Unique & Special

These devices come with powerful vacuum pumps. Further they also have a large chamber and this gives them an edge over edge-style sealers. They are capable of efficiently and thoroughly sealing multiple bags of food at one go. These are not only useful for homes, but they make a big difference in small, medium and big sized restaurants. One good thing about these food sealers is that they exert the same pressure inside the bag and in the chamber. Hence, there is virtually zero chance of the bag collapsing. Further, this also helps to keep liquids firmly in place instead of being sucked out from the open edges of the bag. If restaurants are looking for new culinary techniques like vacuum infusion and vacuum compression, it makes lot of sense to go in for these devices.

Some Main Advantages

They help in saving time and fast food joints find it quite useful. It also helps in packing the right quantity of different types of main foods, side dishes and other such things. If you are on a diet and would like to have carefully measured food well packed and nutritious, it is quite obvious that you will have many reasons to choose the right chamber vacuum sealers. They help save money for restaurants who have the habit of buying or making food in bulk and then dividing them into small, medium and large sized meals where not even a morsel is allowed to go waste.

Let us now have a look at four different models of chamber vacuum sealers.

1. Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine – Ultravac 225, 7.25″ Chamber Depth

Ultravac 225 Chamber Vacuum Packaging...
  • Powerful 1.25 horsepower vacuum pump
  • 16.75" W x 19.56 L x 7.25" D large capacity chamber
  • Pozi Pressure sealing element seals through folds, wrinkles and contaminants
  • NEMA 4 wash-down controls
  • Easy maintenance

This is a quality chamber vacuum packing machine from the house of UltraSource. It is quite popular and this is because of some interesting features. Let us have a look at a few of them.

Main Features

  • This model # 225 is a chamber vacuum packing machine with a chamber depth of 7.25 inches.
  • Further it comes with a 1.25 horsepower vacuum pump.
  • It is quite large with an overall dimension of 16.75 inches width, 19.56 inches length, and 7.25 inches depth.
  • It also has the unique Pozi Pressure sealing element.
  • This helps to easily seal through folds and wrinkles.


  • It creates perfect seal every time.
  • It is perfectly suited for industrial outlets and large sized restaurants.
  • Comes with 4 wash-down control.
  • The depth of 7.25 inches helps to pack large sized food packets and containers.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Very good value for money.


  • Bit on the expensive side.
  • Service standards for correcting defects could have been better.

2. Chamber Vacuum Cleaner – PolyScience 300 Series

PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer
  • Excels at vacuum sealing dry foods and liquids, such as soups and stews
  • A built-in marinate cycle broadens your abilities even further
  • Space-saving stainless steel housing ensures durability even under the harshest conditions
  • Three preset cycles can be programmed to provide the exact vacuum levels, vacuum hold times, and seal times for meats, fish, and infusions
  • Maintenance-free dry piston pump. Power- 120V. Seal Bar Length- 11.5 inch. Maximum Bag/Roll Width- 12.2 inch

This is an exciting chamber vacuum cleaner from PolyScience culinary who have a good reputation. This 300 series is suited for sealing different types of dry, liquid and wet foods. It is best suited for stews and soups. It has a few other interesting features and we are sharing a few of them.

Main Features

  • Comes with a marinate cycle that is inbuilt. This makes it unique and versatile and broadens its scope of use.
  • It has a space saving stainless steel housing. This helps in better durability even under tough and harsh conditions.
  • It offers three preset cycles and it helps to provide the right vacuum levels, hold times and also seal times.
  • It is relatively maintenance free.


  • It helps preserve freshness
  • It prepares meals in minutes.
  • Nutrition is preserved for long periods of time.
  • It helps save space
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Made from high quality material.


  • Not very durable
  • A few instances of complete breakage in one year have been reported.

3. Vacmaster VP230 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Vacmaster VP230 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
  • Automatic start
  • Heavy duty, transparent lid
  • 12” seal bar with double seal wire
  • 1/4 HP rotary oil pump
  • 1 Year Warranty

This is a quality chamber vacuum cleaner from the house of ARY and this model # VP230 also has some interesting and worth-mentioning features and functions.

Main Features

  • It comes with a 12 inch seal bar.
  • The seal bar has double seal wire for added protection.
  • It has simple auto start that gets activated by closing the lid.
  • Easy to use and designed to handle liquid.
  • Heavy duty transparent lid.


  • Made from high quality interiors.
  • Strong vacuum helps in perfect sealing
  • Can seal solid, semi solid and liquid food items.


  • Warranty terms not honored
  • After sales services not good.

4. Vac-Vida Vacuum Chamber Sealers

VAC-VIDA VS301 Chamber Vacuum Sealer |...
  • Vacuum Chamber Sealer benefits from an extra heavy duty 1/4 Horsepower oil pump. Reliable pump allows for constant use and is strong enough for all types of loads.
  • Say goodbye to ugly, less efficient and more expensive Chamber Vacuum Sealers; our VAC-VIDA VS301 is made with an elegant black coated high grade stainless steel outside together with a modern and sleek control panel so you can be proud to have this in your kitchen or restaurant
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT – Whereas our competitors place no emphasis on this, we instead take significant pride in our support. Our dedication to customer support is broken down into what we call the three key pillars of customer satisfaction: 1) Direct support from our team should you have any questions/issues, 2) a one-year guarantee, 3) Comprehensive back catalogue of spare parts such that should you require any spares either within or out of warranty, we can assist you. So buy now risk free.
  • The VS301 Vacuum Chamber Sealer allows the packing of liquids, moist foods, meats etc. Great solution for the serious home cook, restaurant, hunter or fisherman.
  • Chamber Sealers let you use cheaper plastic pouches which means you can save over USD100 a year on bags alone.

This is a product from So-Vida and it has some interesting and exciting features. It looks sleek and is ergonomically designed. It has a number of interesting features and we are mentioning a few of them.

Main Features

  • Comes with heavy duty 1/4 horsepower oil pump.
  • The black coated stainless steel body is a combination of looks and durability.
  • Suitable for packing all types of food items.
  • It allows use of cheaper chamber pouches.


  • Useful and customer friendly LED controls.
  • Suitable for both homes and restaurants.
  • Can seal all types of foods, solid, liquid and semi-solid.
  • Keeps nutrients intact and retains freshness and taste.


  • Ease of use a bit overhyped
  • Very unsatisfactory after sale services.


We are sure that the above would have given our readers some idea about the various points to be kept in mind while choosing the right chamber vacuum cleaners. Further, it also would have helped readers to have a reasonably clear understanding about the reasons why one should invest in vacuum chamber sealers.

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