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Egglettes Review : The New Way Of Cooking Eggs In 2021


As the name suggested Egglettes are nonstick silicone pods which are used for cooking hard boiled eggs without the shells. All you have to do is just crack the egg into the pod, twist the lid, boil on the stovetop and pop them out when cooking is done. In this Egglettes Review post, we are going to mention everything about this Egglettes product.

According to its official website “getegglettes review“, Following are the features:-

Claims & Features

  • Silicone pod cracks and boils eggs
  • No shell peeling required
  • Prepares hard boiled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, and small omelets
  • Nonstick (finished eggs easily pop out)
  • Simple to clean (safe for the dishwasher)
  • Includes 6 individual non-BPA, non-stick silicone egg cooking cups.

Here I m going to list pros and cons of Egglettes, We have mentioned detailed Egglettes Reviews below. And if you want to know more you can also check Egglettes review on Amazon.



No need to peel eggs Not much of time savings over traditional methods
Improvement over EggiesDoesn’t produce as much as a large pot of eggs
Reasonable shipping Aiming egg into pod can be difficult


Do you know how to use Egglettes? Here we go…

If you are in love with hard boiled eggs but hate to prepare them, then this Egglettes is the best option for you. A set of six Egglettes As Seen on TV, egg cookers helps you to cook easily hard-boil eggs after its extraction from the shell.

To use Egglettes, All you need to do is simply crack the egg and place it on the device. Next, close the lid, then put it in a pot of boiling water. Once the egg is done, simply open the lid and your hard boiled egg is ready to eat.

It is a very straightforward process, but it will probably need a few tries before you are able to figure out how long to cook eggs according to your liking.It is basically a process to get everything just right in order to get hard-boiled, medium boiled, soft boiled, and deviled eggs. Also, you should note that the eggs come out rounded on one end and flat on the other, which affects the look but not the taste.

Egglettes Review

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The good news is that cooking eggs like this will produce hard boiled eggs, so for that, I think most people will find that it really works. Another good factor is that you will be able to check and see when the eggs are fully cooked, also you will be able to add ingredients before placing them in the water. These are really compelling features.

Where a product like this or Eggies mostly fails on its nonstick surface. In the instructions it is mentioned to use three short bursts of cooking spray or olive oil, I found that heavily spraying it with cooking spray is the best way to prevent eggs from sticking. When I used oil, the eggs still stuck most of the time. And due to accessive oil, I found it very difficult to clean. Using a bottle brush or the harsh side of a sponge is the best way to clean the pods once they have accumulated residue.

Another problem is, cracking the egg into the Egglettes without spilling it. Sometimes, I found this overall process more time to consume than just peeling eggs in an old-fashioned way.

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Final Egglettes Review 2019

We are going to give the Egglettes a thumbs up rating. We like the thing that they are made of silicon which makes it non-sticky in nature. It is very easy to clean and it appears to be great for baking so it makes sense it would be good for cooking eggs. Read above our Egglettes Reviews and think about this product, whether it is important for you or not?. You can also check this Egglettes review on Amazon.

Egglettes Egg Cooker - Hard Boiled Eggs...
583 Reviews
Egglettes Egg Cooker - Hard Boiled Eggs...
  • Includes 6 individual non BPA , non-stick silicone egg cooking cups.
  • Egglettes cups are NOT INTENDED FOR USE IN THE MICROWAVE: Please use caution when handling as contents will be very hot
  • Just crack open the eggs, pour into an Egglettes cooking cup, boil and serve
  • Easy to make soft or hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, mini omelettes, egg benedict's and more. Please refer to Instruction Manual pages 16-19 for various cooking times based on cooktop and egg type
  • Dishwasher Safe and easy to clean. Note: For best results, coat the Egglettes cup with an oil spray. Or, simply remove the eggs from the cups with a spoon. Enjoy!

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