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How to Clean and Maintain a Food Processor?


When you purchase any kind of kitchen appliance, you want to get long life and good performance from it. Like any other piece of machinery, you have to take care of a food processor to get the most from it for years to come. This means regular cleaning and maintenance. While it may not require as much maintenance as a car, your food processor does still needs regular love and attention to live up to your expectations and make your food preparations easier.

Wash Your Food Processor Immediately

Maintain Food Processor

If you are in the habit of letting the dishes sit for a while after you cook, be sure to change that habit, as it pertains to your food processor. The single, most important maintenance task you can perform on your food processor is immediately cleaning the bowl, blades and other parts after you use them.

Allowing food to stick to the food processor parts for long periods of time will shorten the life and lower the performance quicker than anything else. Make sure that you take a few minutes after each use to thoroughly clean the unit and all of its parts.

Be sure to take time to dry your food processor parts after you wash them. Any type of movable machinery, even rust-proof, or plastic pieces will age quicker when they are left moist or wet for a long time. Use a clean, dry cloth to dry your food processor after you clean it. This simple step, alone, will add years of use to your food processor.

Read the Directions

Before you try to process any new foods with your food processor, make sure that you are not using any foods that the directions warn against using. Like any other product, you have to use your food processor in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

Trying to chop a food that is restricted may destroy your food processor and completely nullify any warranty that you have. Don’t push your food processor to do things it’s not designed to do, and you’ll get plenty of good use out of it over the years.

Avoid Stains by Cleaning the Right Way

Clean Food Processor

Some foods may stain your food processor. While this doesn’t affect how it works, or how foods taste, it can be unsightly. To remove stains, try wiping the pieces with a clean cloth, coated with vegetable oil. Avoid using harsh abrasives, as they may damage the food processor. Stains can be eliminated, but don’t void your warranty by using unapproved cleansers.

Food processors are important kitchen appliances. Make sure that you keep yours clean and dry at all times. If you’re not actively using it, then it should be kept spotless. Be sure to follow all the instructions and read the documentation that came with your food processor to avoid trying to chop any foods that will damage the unit. Keeping these simple cleaning and maintenance tips in mind will keep your food processor running great for years to come.

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