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Top 6 Features To Look For In A Commercial Food Processor


If you are running a food establishment, then a commercial food processor is a must-have for efficiency. A good commercial processor should have excellent features that enable you to process huge quantities of food while at the same time maintaining great quality for your clients. Reliability should be a guarantee in order to meet your food preparation needs.

Features To Look For In A Commercial Food Processor

There are various food processors that will help meet your needs but the size is one of the most obvious factors to consider. In addition to this, below are some of the additional features that will make for a good food processor for commercial use:

1. Consider the processor’s body

Since your processor will be used for heavy commercial tasks, the body must be big and sturdy at the same time. Commercial processors should be able to provide sufficient torque to slice through tough foods while at the same time spinning quickly to pulverize the more delicate foods with fineness.

The best commercial food processor should be able to run for prolonged moments without overheating thus delivering the desired results within a short time. To determine the quality of the processor’s motor, look at the wattage and consider the warranty of the motor. You should also go for a processor that has a wide and heavy base for stability purposes.

2. Look at the processor controls

Your processor will have some common functions such as power on, power off and pulse. However, some machines might come with additional features that will allow you to do additional tasks such as dough-making. This, however, is not a major advantage but could add to the benefits. The best commercial food processor should have easy-to-clean control features such as smooth inset buttons and touchpads.

3. Securely fitting and efficient lid

It goes without saying that the lid should be fitting and easy to lock securely. A loose lid could cause you many troubles and therefore you should be able to inspect your appliance carefully. In addition, you should look at the feeding tube as this will determine the size of food that you will be able to add to the processor. You can look for a commercial food processor that has additional smaller feeding tubes on the lid as they will efficiently enable you to push down narrower foods including carrots whenever you want to grate.

4. The durability of the bowl

The food processor bowl should be strong and therefore durable. In most cases, these bowls are made of polycarbonate plastic which is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, durable. You should not worry however in case you see the bowl scuffing with time as this is expected and in case you find the current bowl to be unsuitable for you, a replacement can be bought from dealers. For commercial food processing, always choose a big bowl that allows you to puree your soup or process your big amounts of food without repeating the procedure.

5. Pick food processor with interchangeable blades

For versatility, the commercial food processor should support interchangeable blades. This makes it easy for you to handle various tasks such as chopping and mincing within a few seconds. The versatile blades are also able to handle different textures without any problems. You can either buy a processor that offers a full set of blades or orders for additional blades as you deem necessary.

6. Per hour output

Finally, it is good to consider the processing speed of different machines. Some of the available commercial food processors can easily process up to 1400 pounds hourly and this is a reliable volume especially in a busy food establishment. This, however, should be achieved with ease and precision, giving you the best quality results.

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