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What Are The Different Food Processor Parts?


The Different Food Processor Parts

Regardless of what brand or model of food processor you have, it will always have the same basic parts as the base, the bowl, and top assembly.

Let me go ahead and explain the different parts in detail, so you know where to find a specific feature when using a food processor.


What you will be seeing in the base part of the food processor, are the buttons for pulsing, the cord, the on and off switch, and the provision where you insert the bowl and the blade, to start processing your food ingredients.


This is actually the mid part of the food processor. The bowl is normally transparent, so you can see what is happening inside, as you keep on pulsing. The blade is also inside the bowl and is placed right in the middle, where it can be fixed, so it will not move around, during the entire process.

If your food processor also comes with discs for doing certain slices and mincing, this is where you also insert them, where it goes right at the bottom part of the bowl, where you can lock it too, to prevent it from disassembling from the bowl.

NOTE: All food processors have a liquid limit. You should know what your food processor limit is, by checking on the line that is detailed around the bowl, for easier eyeballing.


The top assembly is where the lid is, and the part of the processor that pushes the ingredients inside. This part of the processor can actually be locked in place on top of the lid, when not in use.

To assemble it, what you have to do, is to start with the base. Get your bowl, and then attach the blade and the disc (if you are using one). Place the bowl on top of the base, and make sure that it is locked. Get the lid, and cover the bowl. Once everything is in place, make sure to try the on and off buttons first, before placing the ingredients inside. Also, keep in mind that you cannot go over the liquid limit that is set by your food processor, to make sure that there won’t be any spilling and mess.

These are the basic parts of a typical food processor. Again, the actual parts of this machine may vary from one model to another, and since the technology for kitchen appliances is always innovating, you can always expect additional and extra features and parts, that make a modern food processor.

To know more about the exact food processor parts, you can always refer to your user’s manual guide.

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