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How to Determine the Food Processor Size You Need


Any kitchen can benefit from the addition of a good quality food processor. Whether yours is the ultimate bachelor or bachelorette pad or the home of a large, hungry family, a food processor can bring convenience and polish to cooking. When shopping for a food processor to augment the kitchen appliances, the size will be an important consideration.

Determine the Food Processor Size

Household food processors are sized by the amount of capacity in the bowls with which they are equipped. The capacity requirements will differ from kitchen to kitchen and depend greatly on the amount of food usually prepared. The perfect mini-food processor for the single person kitchen would be completely inappropriate for the kitchen that feeds a family of five.

Just because a kitchen only feeds one person most of the time does not make a food processor a frivolous purchase. In addition to being prepared to impress guests, a kitchen with a processor can produce small amounts of healthy and tasty food from scratch for one person that would be wasteful if purchased prepared from the store. The perfect size of the food processor for the single or couple’s kitchen depends on the way a person likes to cook and how much at one time they will prepare.

There are mini-processors that have a capacity as little as 1.5 cups. However, a processor that small would leave little room for larger preparation for entertaining or any other purpose. For versatility, a 3 – 6 cup food processor is recommended. This site will store easily and not be so big that it seems like too much trouble to use.

For kitchens that serve 4 – 5 people, food preparation can often be a big hassle. This is especially true if the chef is trying to feed the family healthy, fresh foods. A food processor is almost a must for the busy kitchen. Salads, potatoes, and fresh vegetables for cooking are effortlessly handled without losing valuable time to chop and slice. A kitchen serving this many people would be best served by a food processor of 7 – 10 cups.

The largest household food processors are for serious chefs who need to produce large quantities of food. In addition to quantity, larger food processors can assist with more complex recipes like bread and other dough products. Chefs who routinely bake or cater would be best served by a food processor of 11 – 14 cups. This size of the processor will need a permanent home on the counter-top and near an electric outlet because it is the heaviest of the household food processors and should not be moved often or very much in order to use it.

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