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5 Tips for Enjoy Healthy Fast Food Meals


The words “healthy” and “fast food” aren’t often seen together, but this is not an impossible dream. You can make your fast food routines a lot healthier by following the advice provided below. These are all tips to make the most out of your fast mood meals, while reducing the calories as much as possible. A few simple changes and you can enjoy a fast food meal without hating yourself for it later.

1. Choose carefully

It is entirely possible to eat healthy at a fast food restaurant if you choose carefully and read the menu descriptions individually. You should know how the meal is prepared and what it contains. Every fast food chain will have certain foods that are healthier than others. It’s generally best to avoid foods that are deep fried or pan fried, but this is a huge portion of the food that is prepared by these restaurants. At any rate, it’s always best to know what you are eating so you can at least avoid the worst choices on the menu.

2. Drink water with your meal

When you’re choosing a meal at a fast food restaurant, they will also give you a selection of drinks to go along with the meal. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can enjoy a healthy meal alongside a 32 oz soda, which contains a whopping 425 calories. If you don’t want this soda to be your entire source of calories for the day, then try adding water to a meal. Not only is water healthier for you, but it also save you money on the combo. There’s no need to buy a combo with water, so you’ll save money. Most restaurants offer water for free to all of their paying customers. It’s healthy and affordable.

3. Undress the food

It’s entirely possible to make a healthier meal out of an order from a fast food restaurant. This is accomplished by “undressing:” your food. This refers to reserving condiments, which are packed full of unhealthy calories. Ask for your meals without salad dressing, sour cream, cheese, or other condiments. If you want ketchup or mustard, then ask for individual packets so you can choose just how much is placed on the burger. This puts you in full control of your meal and reduces some of the unneeded calories in the meal.

4. Special orders

In many fast food restaurants, it is how the food is prepared that makes it so unhealthy. Ask the person behind the counter if they can prepare your food in an alternative manner that’s more healthy. Some restaurants will work with you and some won’t. You could ask for your meats to be broiled or steamed instead of fried in oil, which would be much healthier. Ask for dressing on the side of your salad so that you can control the portion sizes. Once again, this is all about taking control of the meal and reducing the calorie count wherever possible.

5. Don’t supersize me

The person selling you your meal is likely going to try to convince you to super size your meal for a little extra change. This isn’t the time to be a bargain shopper, especially if you’re hungry. Avoid the temptation to super size the meal and instead take the smallest portion available. After you’ve eaten the first portion, if you’re still hungry, then order a second. This may cost slightly more in the long run, but it prevents you from consuming more calories than you should. Buying more than you need to eat is never a good thing and it’s worth the extra change to eat healthy.

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