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Top 5 Tips On How To Use A Food Processor


Knowing the exact ways on how to use a food processor is worth knowing, not only because you want to make sure that you are using the kitchen tool appropriately, but also because you want to make sure of your safety. Furthermore, using your food processor correctly is also the key to make sure that it has a longer life, for you to continue using it, and enjoy a convenient way of cooking.

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Here are the simple steps that you have to consider when using a food processor:

  1. Place your processor on top of a stable and leveled surface, like a kitchen countertop. Make sure that the legs are also gripped tightly to the surface, to prevent movements, during food processing. Try to place it near an electric socket too, since most food processors do not have long cords.
  2. Your food processor might also come with multiple blades. Choose a blade that can perform the right job. For example, there are blades that are specifically designed for hard ingredients like chocolate morsels, nuts, or even ice. On the other hand, there are specially designed blades that can do fine chopping, or do a julienne.
  3. I am just saying this, for you to be aware that the blades are designed to perform certain jobs, so you have to choose the right one, before processing your food.
  4. Once you have chosen a blade, affix it inside the processor, and then pour in the ingredients that you want to chop, dice, or puree. The body of your food processor is transparent, so you can see if the ingredients are blended well already, or not.
  5. Before scooping out the mixture inside your processor, make it a habit to remove the blade first, to prevent injury. Once the blade is removed, you can now remove the contents inside.
  6. Make sure to clean your food processor after using it. To make it easier for you, try to get a dishwasher safe type of processor, so that clean up will not be a hassle.

These are the very simple ways on how to use a food processor. This kitchen tool is definitely a must-have in every home, since it will surely let you experience a different level of cooking, which is more convenient and pleasurable.

NOTE: Your advanced food processor uses and features may differ from one model to another. However, when it comes to the basic features, most of the models are actually similar, so this guide should work, with all types of food processor models.

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