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A Guide to the Types of Mini Food Processors


Mini Food Processors serve the same purposes as standard size food processors. Both types will chop and shred according to the user’s needs. Generally, mini food processors are used for recipes that do not require a large quantity of chopped or processed items. People who choose a mini food processor instead of the standard sized usually do not intend to make large amounts of food.

The kitchen of a couple or single person is a good choice for mini food processors. These kitchen appliances take up considerably less space than standard food processors and store much more easily in a cabinet, on a shelf or even a deep drawer.

Mini Food Processors can range in size usually from 2 to 6 cup capacity. Smaller versions are often referred to as “Choppers” or “Grinders”. The motor in these compact processors is smaller than their standard-sized counterparts so the speed selection is usually less. Most mini processors have 2 speeds but some have more. Mini Food Processors are rarely one foot in height and are usually less than a foot wide. They require very little counter space which makes them a popular choice for people with cramped kitchens and few clear surfaces.

Standard sized food processors usually have the blade attachment at the top of the appliance and the food item is pressed down onto it while the large bowl collects it. Mini processors usually have the blades positioned inside the bowl and cut the item while rotating. Some mini versions have blades more closely resembling those found in Blenders and can perform the same function.

Styles may vary and there are some mini food processors that are designed in the same fashion as standard ones only smaller. There are some mini food processors that are handheld and can shoot the prepared ingredients directly into the serving dish, pot or pan.

Many of the same recipes can be accomplished with the mini food processor as with the larger processors. One exception is the kneading of bread dough. Salsas, salads, and dips are ideal for preparation with mini processors. They can chop and shred carrots and potatoes as well as any Other Food Processor. Ingredients for soups and stir-fry dishes can easily be prepared in these Compact Processors as well as nuts and beverages in some models. The parts are almost always Dishwasher Safe and conveniently use less space in the washer.

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