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Best Choice Products® Meat Grinder Electric 2.6 HP 2000 Watt


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Best Choice Products Meat Grinder

Everyone likes food prepared with their tastes and preferences in consideration. This is best done by you or someone close to you. I bet none of these are present during the time of processing meat at the stores. Here is my point, you need to own a meat grinder. Having had the experiences with bought products, you can also spot the gap in the market and come up with good meat processing services as an entrepreneur. For you to achieve any of these, you need a meat grinder. There are several you will see being advertised but there are those that have been made to give you the best and one of this is the Best Choice Products® Meat Grinder Electric 2.6 HP 2000 Watt Industrial Meat Grinder Butcher Shop New. This is a quality meat grinder that suits your needs. Follow me and find out why?

Best Choice Products® Meat Grinder Electric 2.6 HP 2000 Watt Key Features:

High Power

The motor of this machine is a 2000 Watt (Peak performance). This is high power that can do a lot of work in a short time. This power is more than that of most other meat grinders in the market. Because of this, the 2.6 HP meat grinder is an industrial machine but also works great at home. The power is more than 10 times that of Panasonic MK-G20NR Meat Grinder, a similar product. Therefore, you get faster grinding and you can do big loads of grinding work.

Best Choice Products 2000W Electric Stainless...
  • 3 speeds (high, low, & reverse)
  • Includes (3) heavy-duty steel cutting blades (fine; medium; coarse)
  • Food pusher and kubbe attachment
  • Electronic stop & reset
  • Cast aluminum feeding hopper

3 Cutting Blades and Plates


For different foods, you definitely need different sizes of grinding blades. These are provided with the meat grinder. You can have three different grinds: coarse, medium and fine. You will find the texture you are looking for among these. You are free to make any product that utilizes processed meat from meatballs to hamburgers. If you like experimenting with meat and you want to try out new recipes, then this grinder is the best for you because you can do all the blending that you yearn for. The blades are made of steel and this gives them long life. Besides, they can cut through tough pieces easily without clogging.

The unit comes with three cutting plates to further enhance the versatility of the grinding. The plate sizes are in line with the blades and the grind you want to achieve. They can be easily withdrawn and replaced. The plates and the blades are well matching to give a precise grind. Furthermore, the blades are kept sharp with this complementation and therefore you won’t have to worry about them getting dull. These are also made of steel and will last longer. Steel also resists rusting and you will therefore not get corroded during use. Without rust, your device remains as good as new, the taste of the meat is not altered and the performance is maintained high.

3 Operating Speeds

You can do the grinding at 3 different speeds depending on what you are grinding and how you like it. High speed is used for most of the grinding and is good for tough pieces. Low speed is used for processes that require gentle handling like sausage stuffing. The reverse option is there to ensure that you withdraw any clogged pieces easily. When you activate the reverse, the blades move on the opposite side and get rid of the clogged pieces so that you can then pull them out.

Best Choice Products® Meat Grinder

Aluminum Housing

The casing of the meat grinder and the hopper is made of aluminum. This makes it sturdy and therefore it can endure a long time of use. The machine is long lasting because of this sturdy construction. The aluminum also gives the unit a wonderful design.

Large Hopper

The unit comes with a large hopper that holds pre ground meat to give you an easy time during grinding. You don’t have to add meat pieces every time. One batch can last for a long time. Remember the peak power of the machine and therefore if you had few pieces in the hopper, they will get ground in a very short time forcing you to keep stopping and loading again.

Food Pusher

Your hands are very safe during the grinding because there is a pusher that you use to push the pieces into the grinding head. You don’t have to get your hands near the moving parts of the device because you risk getting cut.

Best Choice Products® Meat Grinder

Stop and Reset Function

The machine can easily be stopped just by the press of a button. In case of clogging, the reverse function enables you to run the blades in reverse then after pulling out the pieces causing the clogs, this function is applied to stop the device and start it up all over again. You can use it in any emergency cases or if you want to run somewhere else.

Kubbe Attachment

With kubbe growing in popularity, many people want to try it out and the 2.6HP meat grinder knows this quite well. This is why there is a kubbe attachment included in the box. If you want to make kubbe, just insert the pieces of the stuffing tubes in the grinder then feed in meat pieces.

ProsBest Choice Products® Meat Grinder

  • The machine is long lasting.
  • It is durable.
  • Has an elegant design.
  • It is resistant to rusting.
  • Cleaning of the machine is an easy process.
  • Has high power to efficiently carry out big tasks.
  • It has a light weight and is convenient to carry around.
  • It comes at a good price.


  • For stuffing sausage, you will have to buy the sausage attachments separately.


What else would you want in a meat grinder? This is a good unit you can use either at home or for industrial purposes. Home use can be seen as underutilization, but not quite, if you want your grinding to be done in the shortest time and meat that is properly processed. The 2.6 HP Meat grinder is a good machine that is worth the money so go get it.

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