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Chefs Choice 799 Professional Meat Grinder review


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Chefs Choice 799 Professional Meat Grinder reviews

Chefs Choice meat grinder attachment is an all metal grinder that has been specifically modeled for Kitchen Aid stand mixers. This chef’s choice meat grinder attachment is comprised of a metallic food hopper that comes handy with a meat pusher as well as three grinder plates. These grinder plates include a fine plate, a medium plate and a coarse plate. One great benefit of Chef’s Choice meat grinder is that you can easily detach all its parts during cleaning and attach it when you want to use it. What’s more? This grinder comes with a two year warranty, thus showing how much trust the manufacturer has in this attachment.

Appliances Kitchen Store is the company behind the roll out of the Chefs Choice 799 professional meat grinder attachment for Kitchen Aid No.799 with 3 grinding plate attachments. There are so many meat grinder attachments on offer currently, and thus it is great to have a model you can trust in Chef’s Choice.

Chef’s Choice meat grinder attachment comes with some amazing and spectacular features that make it stand out among its peers. It is these features that have always placed chef’s Choice ahead of its competitors due to the effectiveness of their products. This meat grinder attachment comes with technological advances that only serve to make your meat grinding experience a success story. Here are some of these features.

Chef'sChoice 799 Professional Meat Grinder...
  • Includes 3 stainless steel grinder plates: Medium, Coarse and a bonus Fine grinding plate has been added
  • Forged, stainless steel cutting blade
  • Generous metal food hopper with food pusher that stores extra grinding plates
  • Easy to attach, detach and clean
  • Two Year limited household warranty


  • This meat grinder attachment can be attached onto any Kitchen Aid mixer to grind any kind of meat such as beef, poultry, nuts and vegetables
  • This aluminum and stainless steel attachment can be easily attached and detached during the cleaning process
  • Comes with three plates which include fine plate, medium plate (4.5mm) and coarse plate (8.0mm)
  • Can make sausages, freshly ground meat or corned beef right in your kitchen
  • Chef’s Choice meat grinder attachment gives you the ability to control fats, ingredients and other spices when making spiced ground meat
  • Has a metallic food hopper that comes with a food pusher
  • This meat grinder attachment is precision engineered in Germany, thus doesn’t compromise on quality
  • It is available in Silver color and it all metallic
  • It is very light and weighs a mere 1.85 pounds, thus is very portable and mobile.
  • Comes with a two year limited warranty, showing the trust that the manufacturer has in the product.

Chefs Choice 799 professional meat grinder reviewsOther notable features include:

  • The food pusher is made of plastic to make it light
  • It comes with a small gripper to offer you a gripping point when carrying it
  • The new model now has an added bonus plate; the fine plate on top of the medium plate and coarse plate
  • The entire attachment is an all-metal construction
  • It has a large hopper tray to hold large quantities of meat
  • Though it is engineered in Germany, it is manufactured in Czech Republic thus combining the best technologies of the two countries

    Chefs Choice 799 Professional Meat Grinder Pros & Cons


  • Light; this attachment is very light thus very ideal for moving around with
  • Metal construction; the entire attachment is metallic thus very strong and durable
  • German engineered; the fact that it is engineered in Germany underlines its origin for the high quality final product
  • Fine sausage meat; due to the fact that this attachment has excellent sausage meat grinding capacity, it therefore becomes a great asset to any sausage-loving family.


  • The plunger is made from plastic and it is hollow, therefore not as effective as if it would have been filled, or even made from a different material.
  • It requires you to cut the meat into small strips so that it can fit in the tube. Otherwise huge cuts might have an effect on the attachment by creating a vacuum in the tube and making the meat kind of stick.


If you are looking for that one multipurpose meat grinder attachment you need look no further. Chef’s Choice 799 professional meat grinder attachment for Kitchen Aid No. 799 with 3 Grinding Plate Attachments is the one attachment that will let you grind beef meat for your stew and give you a chance to grind fine supper fine sausage meat to prepare sausage for your family. Moreover, it will also let you add spices and ingredients into your ground beef to make your own recipes. What’s more? This is the meat grinder attachment that guarantees you the value for your money.

Chefs Choice 799 Professional Meat Grinder reviews


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