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How to Best Care for Your Meat Grinder

How to Best Care for Your Meat Grinder

Your meat grinder helps you add allure to your plate and you don’t want to get anything less. Proper care for the appliance ensures that the quality of your delicacy remains top-notch. Besides, your machine will stay longer than you can imagine. Below are the key steps that help you how to best care for your meat grinder so that you continue preparing the best burgers, sausages, meatballs and all those meat products you like to tinge your diet with.

Good Use

Good Use

To increase productivity and keep your meat grinder well functional, use it correctly. Remember to always grind the right amount of meat in your grinder. Do not overload it with big chunks as this will strain your device and the blades will not cut through them precisely.

Use properly cut pieces that measure one inch and are cubed to give the machine an easy time while grinding. The pieces are also best when their edges are a bit tough and this will be achieved by slight freezing of the pieces after cutting.

Keeping it Clean

The cleanliness of your meat grinder is very essential. Cleaning it well ensures that your meat pieces are passing through the parts without picking up dirt that will alter the taste of your meat and can contaminate it exposing you to diarrheal infections. Cleaning should be done in the right way to get the best out of it.

Clean Meat grinder

The first thing before cleaning your meat grinder is to prepare it for the process. The debris of meat that remained in it needs to be removed. This can best be done by running bread through the meat grinder. The bread will take up the meat pieces and this is a very important initial step. For the electric meat grinder, first, unplug it for easy and safe cleaning. Disassemble the parts so that you can access every surface.

The dishwasher is not good for your machine because it tends to make the blades blunt. Soak the parts in warm, soapy water (except the motor for the electric grinder) to make any meat pieces still in the grinder fall off and ease your washing. After soaking, scrub the parts thoroughly using a soft hand brush until they are spotlessly clean. Dry the parts well after cleaning to avoid rusting and corrosion which are accelerated by moisture.

Caring for the Blades

Caring for the blade

The blades are the parts that grind the meat and you should never assume them. Keep the blades sharp so that they cut your meat right rather than tearing up the pieces.

However, your grinder does not require frequent sharpening because it gets sharpened itself as you grind. Doing it twice a year is enough to keep it as sharp as it needs to be.

When not in use, keep the blades in a cloth so that it does not get rubbed over other surfaces which will dull it.

Store the Parts Well

After using the meat grinder, you should store it well to make sure it performs the next grinding well. The parts should be stored while coated with a layer of food-grade mineral oil to prevent rust because the coating prevents interaction of the metal parts with oxygen and water which are the ingredients for rusting. You can add some rice in the storage bag. The rice absorbs moisture and as such, prevents corrosion and rust.

The oil can be applied by rubbing using a piece of cloth or by a spray bottle. A spray bottle will lubricate most of the surfaces compared to the cloth which practically reaches where your hands reach.

Store the Parts Well

The grinder parts are best stored wrapped up in polythene sheets which further protects them from rusting. Remember to leave the parts disassembled during storage.

Freezing the machine parts before use is a good practice because it will improve the efficiency of your grinder. The meat pieces will not get heated and separate as is the case with using warm machines.

Like all other kitchen appliances, the meat grinder needs care for efficiency and prolonged life. With the highlighted points, you will grind your meat right and you won’t have to worry about the already packaged meat you get at the stores.

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