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How to Use Meat Grinder

how to use meat grinder

It is easy to use the best meat grinder; assemble the grinder, place your meat on the plate, feed it down the hopper and then turn on the grinder. You then choose the speed you want the meat to be ground at, for KitchenAid, 6 to 8 is an ideal speed. You will be collecting your ground meat within no time. However, there are a few other things that are equally important. Here are some vital tips on:

How to Use Meat Grinder:

1. Keep Everything Cold

Keep everything cold

This is one very important consideration. Warm meat is bad for your grinder as it will smear, the fats leak out as well as have a cooked, pulpy and dry texture. To avoid this, ensure that your grinder spends an hour in the freezer before using it. Let you meat be well chilled up to the minute you start to grind it. For sausage meat which entails several grinds, place the ground meat into a bowl that is placed in another ice-filled bowl. This is to keep it well chilled.

2. Trim Your Meat

trim your meat

Smearing happens when the blade gets into contact with sinew thus making the blade become dull. The blade smooshes meat through the holes instead of cutting it. This results in a chewed up texture thus is in no way appealing. Therefore, trim your meat well

3. Look Out For Smearing

Smearing is visible and can, therefore, see it and correct it. Pieces of meat usually pass through the holes on the plate. In case you see both meat and fat coming out in one batch and often look wet and sticks on to the die surface, know that all is not well. Use the “reverse” function to fix the grinder if your grinder has one. Alternatively, disassemble the grinder, clean the blade and restart it.

4. Maintain a Sharp Blade

Maintaince sharp balde

The blade is one part that needs your attention. You shouldn’t let it become dull as it will smear meat. However, you should know that most blades get better with repeated use. This is because of the microscopically grinding down of the metal thus making the contact between the plate and the blade tighter after every use. In case your blades become dull, sharpening them maybe once a year would be ideal to keep them in top-notch. You can as well opt to replace the blades once in a while.

5. Large To Small Plate

In case you need the very fine grind for your sausages, grinding the meat twice is the way to go. Start with the ¼-inch plate, chill the meat again and then grind it using the smaller die. This will not only produce finer pieces of meat but also avoid smearing. The more even grind will result in a fine-textured sausage.

6. Salt Meat before Grinding

salt meat before grinding

Salt dissolves some proteins and enables them to cross-link easier into a tight matrix resulting in the springier texture common in sausages.
Now you know that the best meat grinder doesn’t always give you the best ground quality just like that. You need to take great care so that you don’t compromise on the texture and quality of the ground meat.

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