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LEM Products 575 Watt #8 Review

LEM Products 575 Watt #8 Reviews

With many trying to keep their health in check, meat grinders are by the day increasing in popularity. Buying hamburgers and sausages that are ready to cook is fast becoming a thing of the past. Now while they are fast becoming an essential, choosing one is also fast becoming an arduous task with the different meat grinders featuring in the market. Today, however, in a bid to make your life easier, let us have a look at a review of one of the top meat grinders in the market – LEM Products 575 Watt #8.

LEM Products 575 Watt #8 Reviews

The LEM Products 575 Watt #8 is one of the few budget-friendly meat grinders available in the market, compact and lightweight. It has the ability to handle many of the processing needs that you may want to be met at home. Unlike many of the heavy-duty meat grinders, the LEM Products 575 Watt #8 is easy to move around the kitchen and will not eat up a lot of your space.

Power and capacity

This is probably the very first thing that you want to know about a meat grinder. Well, LEM has a nice and pretty straight forward way of naming its products. The naming system that they used allows you to have a clue and a hint of just how powerful the meat grinder you are about to purchase is. In this case, the LEM Products 575 Watt #8 meat grinder uses 575 watts. This gives it more than enough power to grind through meat that you deem to be the toughest. If you are looking to grind game meat, beef or pork, this meat grinder will do it all for you.

With the amount of power that it uses, it has the ability to grind 3 pounds of meat ion less than a minute. This is to means that in just 15 minutes you will have ground meat sufficient to last you a whole month – 45 pounds.

LEM Products 575 Watt #8 Electric Meat...
  • Powerful 575 watt #8 grinder
  • Both forward and reverse speeds
  • Included: Two stainless steel plates (coarse 5/16" and fine 3/16"), stainless steel grinder knife, plastic stuffing plate, 3/4" stuffing tube
  • Includes large aluminum meat pan (10"L x 6 3/4"W x 1 3/4"H), meat stomper that stores the sausage stuffing plate and tube
  • 120 volt; UL approved

Grinder size

Being a size 8, you should expect the output to be about 2 ½ inches. It has a narrow tube and as such, you cannot feed it large chunks of meat. Working with this meat grinder you will have to cut your meat into a cube measuring 1 inch each considering its size, it is best used in the kitchen.

Cutting knife and grinder plates

Sure the machine is not made from steel. Its plates and cutting knives on the other hand are. A feature that many of the other meat grinders do not have the opportunity to boast about. It comes with 1 stuffing plate, 2 grinder plates, and a cutting knife. The plate measures 2 ½ inches. The two plates are of different coarseness measuring 8mm and 4.8mm for the coarse and fine plates respectively. The coarse plate has 18 holes while the fine plate has a total of 48 holes.

LEM Products 575 Watt #8 Reviews

Additional features

  • It features three buttons making it easier to operate. These are on, off and reverse.
  • Has an easy to read power indicator
  • Has cord storage


  • Comes at a great price
  • It is compact and lightweight
  • Has a stainless steel cutter and plates which makes them durable


  • It is very loud
  • The internals are made of plastic


With such specifications and features, this is a meat grinder that you have to have in your home. It works great and will be sure to meet any needs that you might have.

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