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Useful tricks for Gander mountain meat grinder

Gander mountain meat grinder

For people who fancy making their own top quality sausages, pasta, meatballs, and burgers, nothing is as rewarding as getting a Gander mountain meat grinder. The machine is one of the best in the market and the designer assures users of top quality service and the highest value for money. To enjoy a longer lifespan, better services, and add value for money, it is prudent that the machine is properly cared for at all times. Here are some useful tricks or leaning and maintaining a Gander mountain meat grinder.

Cleaning the Gander mountain meat grinder

The first trick in caring for your Gander mountain meat grinder is to understand its parts and preparing appropriately. The machine basically comprises of the pusher, screw, hopper, blade, plate, cover, and chalkboard font. Clear excess meat pieces from the machine and then, disassemble all the parts. Be careful because the blades are usually razor-sharp and can cause injuries. This will make it easy to access every part of separate cleaning, maintenance, and even storage. If cleaning an electric model, it should first be unplugged from power. Besides, the electric motor should NEVER be soaked in water.

To effectively clean the grinder, you have to do it by hand. Putting it into a dishwasher does not remove all dirt from corners and crevices. Besides, it raises the risk of damaging the blades.

Fill a big bowl with hot soapy water, and then soak all the parts for 10-20 minutes. This helps to loosen meat residues and makes it easy to manually remove all the dirt. Then, scrub all sides using a sponge to remove all the loosened dirt. For the feeder tube, hopper and grinding plates, use a bottle brush to scrub all the dirt and stains away. Because germs easily build on organic food remnants, be thorough to ensure that even small holes in the blade and grooves on the machine are carefully scrubbed.

Once all the parts are clean and rinsed appropriately, dry them using a dry towel, and leave them to dry further in the open. This helps to prevent oxidation and rusting that can corrode different parts.

Storing the Gander Mountain Meat Grinder

storing gander mountain

Before storing the machine, apply a thin layer of oil to prevent corrosion. The commonest of these oils is food-grade oil because of its effectiveness. However, others can be equally effective. If you can access spray oil, it is better because all parts are coated evenly. Then, store the different parts in plastic bags to prevent the entry of air that can cause corrosion.

When you want to use the grinder comes, disinfect the entire machine and its parts with household bleach to kill germs that might have accumulated. However, make sure to wash the grinder well and clear the bleach before use.

How to care for the grinder’s blades

Care grinder's blade

To maintain the blades, you do not need to sharpen them regularly. As they cut through the meat, they continually get sharpened and are always ready for use. However, you need to check their sharpness and consider taking them to a sharpener after about 6 months. To prolong the lifespan and sharpness of the blade, make sure always to wrap in a clean, dry towel when not in use.

Adding a Gander Mountain meat grinder to your kitchen is a sure way of ensuring that the family enjoys chemical-free and homemade foods for better nutrition. Using these maintenance tricks will ensure that the machine performs optimally and delivers better services for longer.

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