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Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Reviews


The Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast is not only attractive but also highly functional. If you are one who enjoys making baby foods, hamburgers spread, chili, sausages and pates, you will find this meat grinder to be one of the best companions in your kitchen. One of the things that many individuals loved about this product is the fact that it has a food hopper that is larger than most allowing you to put in large chunks of meats. This gets rid of the need to keep reloading the hopper. Its reliability and features make it ideal for an average family.

Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Metal...
  • Extra large die-cast hopper
  • On/off switch with reverse function
  • Heavy-duty 350 peak watts motor
  • Three Cutting Plates: Fine, Medium, Coarse
  • Includes 2 sausage attachments

It is easy to use and comes with cutting plates of three varying sizes; coarse, medium and fine. With this, you can be able to whip up the different recipes that you have always wanted to. Speaking of which, it comes with a great selection of recipes together with its manual.

Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast Reviews


Design: It features a compact and attractive design with a large-sized hopper that allows for efficiency and reliability.

Motor: Choosing the best meat grinders, one considers the size and power of the motor. The motor should be powerful enough to grind the softest of meats and the toughest game meat (for those who love hunting). With the 1000 watt power motor that it features, this is more than a possibility. Not only is it efficient in grinding all types of meats, but it is also fast while at it.

Controls: They are extremely easy to use. The on/off switches, as well as the reverse functionality, are just a breeze and a great convenience.

Cutting plates: Unlike many meat grinders, the Waring Pro features three cutting plates; fine, medium and coarse. This will provide you with great variety and complement the different types of recipes that you would love to try out.

Sausages attachments: If you are the lover of sausages, you will surely love the two attachments making it easy for you to make either fat or thin sausages as you please.


Taking a look at the many meat grinders available in the market and the sizes of hoppers that they feature, indeed the Waring Pro is unique. Carved from die-cast aluminum, the hopper features a generous size enabling you to put in relatively large chunks of meats into the grinder. This also facilitates the speed of the whole process since minimal reloading will be required.


Many meat grinders do not feature sausage attachments storage but this meat grinder does. They are neatly stored in a pusher and you, therefore, need not worry yourself about misplacing them.


The meat grinder comes with a user guide in which you can find a variety of recipes for making homemade sausages.


  • Waring Pro MG855 Professional Die-Cast ReviewsIt is easy to clean
  • It has a powerful motor
  • It is fast and efficient
  • Easy to disassemble and assemble
  • Less expensive than many other meat grinders.


  • Some of the parts of the grinder are not made of stainless steel and as such may rust
  • The internal gears are made from plastic and as such are weak and may break


Many of those who have purchased this meat grinder is impressed with its performance and its functionality. Looking at the reviews it has gotten on Amazon, it is safe to say that this is a must-have product for your kitchen

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