Meat Grinders

What is a Meat Grinder?


A meat grinder is a kitchen appliance that is used to chop or rather mincemeat. You can use it to mince your meat, mix either raw or cooked meat, vegetables, fish or even other ingredients. This meat grinder replaced the olden days mincing knife which was used to mincemeat.
A meat grinder is a very important kitchen equipment due to its ability to mincemeat. It is easy to mincemeat. You place your meat on to the funnel, which is usually located at the top of the grinder. From the funnel, the meat proceeds to the horizontal screw conveyor. The screw conveyor is responsible for squashing and mixing the meat or other ingredients being minced. At the end of this conveyor is a plate that contains small holes through which the meat passes through. The holes are responsible for determining the size of the pieces of meat. In case you want very fine pieces of meat, you, therefore, change the plate and use one with the smallest size.
Meat grinders are of much importance to people who grind meat regularly. People or eateries that make sausages find this appliance very useful as it can grind large quantities of meat at a faster rate than other tools.


Types of Meat Grinders

There are three types of meat grinders. These three types come with different characteristics and specifications designed for different environments. They include:

• Manual grinders
• Standalone grinders
• Grinder attachments

Each of these grinders comes with its benefits. You only need to know the purpose you intend the meat grinder to serve before deciding to buy one.

1. Manual Meat Grinder

The manual meat grinder, just like its name, uses manual labor to power it. It is very reliable in places without reliable electrical power as you use your hand to grind meat. It is also ideal for people who grind meat once in a while. This grinder is easy to use and is also very stable. Most of them are made of cast steel or iron and have an aluminum coating or stainless coating. You, however, need to take great care of them to prevent them from the coating.

2. Standalone Meat Grinder

This meat grinder is also referred to as electric grinder. This is because it is electrical powered. This makes it very efficient when it comes to grinding large quantities of meat. This grinder is ideal for sausage dealers as it can grind large quantities of meat.

3. Meat Grinder Attachments

In case you own a standalone grinder, it would be ideal to purchase grinder attachments. These attachments are very ideal as they let you enjoy the added advantage of a standalone grinder. Besides grinding meat, you can as well grind other ingredients thus enabling you to make your own recipes.
Meat grinders are, therefore, very useful kitchen appliances. They save you time and energy as they grind meat fast and effectively. The fact that meat grinders come in different types makes it ideal for you to choose the type modeled for your intended use.

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