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Why You Need a Meat Grinder


A meat grinder is one of the most important kitchen appliances in the modern world. Meat grinders enable you to grind your own meat at home. They are very important to sausage or burger makers as you don’t need to buy ground meat. Here are the reasons why you need a meat grinder.

1.Safer and Healthier

There is a saying that goes, “Legislation and sausages have one thing in common: no one wants to see how they are made.” However, with ground meat, everyone wants to see how ground meat is made due to the lack of secure trust in retail food production. There have been claims of commercial food production stores mixing ground beef with other odd pieces of meat. To avoid this, it is healthier to buy a nice cut of meat and grinding it at home. This way you are sure of what you are feeding your family.

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2. Better Flavor and Texture

There is no better way of ensuring your ground meat has better flavor and texture than grinding it yourself. Many butchers and food retailers do not indicate fact content or the types of meat in the ground beef. Moreover, pre-ground meat is usually compressed at start oxidizing with time and loses its texture. It is therefore ideal to grind your meat at home where you can determine the pieces going down the grinder while maintaining flavor and texture.

3. Cheaper Cuts

You can take advantage of cheaper cuts at your local retail store. You will often find cuts that are cheaper than their ground counterparts. Buying and grinding Sirloin at home will be cheaper than buying them while grounding.

4. Mix Burger Blends

One great benefit of owning a grinder is that you can make burger blends. You can add additional flavors to your grilled hamburgers and tacos as well as letting you use the ingredients in your possession. You can ground a little of ground chicken, ground turkey, ground pork and if you have access to game meat, ground pheasant would be an ideal addition.

5. Made Homemade Sausages

With your own meat grinder, you no longer have to buy sausages. You can prepare your family a sumptuous breakfast comprised of homemade sausages such as the Bratwurst

6. Repurpose Different Cuts

At times, you may buy some cuts from your retailer and later find out that they won’t function well in the meal you wanted. In such cases, you can always opt to repurpose them into other meals. For instance, Venison Roast would do better in a burger than in stew.

7. Tastier

Taste is one factor you always want to capitalize on. Ground meat spoils fast, therefore you should ensure you cook freshly ground meat. However, you never know when pre-ground meat was prepared. It thus loses its delicious taste over time. Burgers made from meat that has been ground today will be more delicious than those from meat that was ground three days ago.

It is, therefore, very important to own a meat grinder. You get to enjoy many benefits by grinding your own meat than when buying it from your local commercial food retailer. You too are sure that the ground meat is clean as it’s your own clean grinder that has ground the meat.

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