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Sammic SV-306T Tabletop Review

Product Name:Sammic SV-306T
Vacuum pump:6 m³/h Busch pump
Sealing type:Single
Seal bar length:12.36”
Weight (lbs):75

Product Overview

The Sammic SV-306T Chamber Vacuum Sealer is a heavy-duty, commercial-grade food sealer machine, a time-controlled vacuum. It features an extra sturdy stainless steel shell and a powerful Bosch vacuum pump produces an unparalleled amount of vacuum. It is an ideal tabletop sealer that is capable of supporting up to medium-sized businesses.

The 13” wide internal chamber and 12.3″ sealing bar (314 mm) is large enough to handle most standard plastic pouches, bags and even metalized bags used in Retort Canning. It is also perfect for sealing in fresh meats, dry goods, and even soups or sauces.

Features at a Glance

  • 314 mm. sealing bar. 6 m³/h Busch vacuum pump
  • Deep Drawn Chamber
  • Cordless Sealing Bar
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Pump Drying Program, 110 volt
  • NSF-International certified appliance
  • Total Loading: 370 W
  • Vacuum Pressure (maximum): 2 mbar

Multiple Applications

  • Sous-vide cooking
  • Packaging of traditionally cooked products
  • Packaging of cured or raw foods
  • Freezing of vacuum-packed products
  • Non-food


  • Excellent price-quality ratio
  • Highly reliable vacuum pump
  • Vacuum controlled by time
  • Stainless steel made
  • Cushioned cover
  • Digital control panel
  • NSF: recognized quality
  • Cordless sealing bar
  • Vac-Norm ready

Ease of Operation

Today’s vacuum sealers are far easier to use than they were in the beginning. The Sammic SV-306T has a very intuitive operator panel that makes it a snap to get started. It features easy touch buttons and an electronic timer to control the heat sealer.

Portability and Versatility

The Sammic SV306T Vacuum Chamber Sealer is rather large and heavy so that it would not be reasonable to call it portable. It can be easily placed on a sturdy cart and wheeled around or place it on a kitchen counter when in use. The heavy-duty Bosch Pump and large chamber makes it possible to handle a wide variety of plastic and foil pouches in a number of sizes.

It can handle wet foods including soups and sauces, dry goods and fresh meats. It can be used for properly sealing metaled bags that are used for retort canning.

Warranty Information

Sammic stands behind all of their kitchen products and includes a two full year warranty. The sturdy, stainless steel and clear plastic cover enclosure will stand up to a whole lot of continuous use.

Our Opinion

The Sammic SV306T Vacuum Chamber sealer has an amazing amount of power and is capable of doing both traditional plastic pouches, rolls of bags and metaled type bags used in retort canning. The heavy-duty Bosch pump and sturdy stainless steel construction puts it a cut above any other chamber sealer in its class.

Sammic Brand

With over 20 years of experience, Sammic offers vacuum packaging machines suited to the different types of users, both due to their performance and capacity. The T range is equipped with a digital control panel and an electronic timer. It allows for time-controlled programming for the vacuum.

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