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UltraSource Ultravac 225 Tabletop Review

Product Name:UltraSource Ultravac 225
Vacuum pump:Rugged 1.25-hp pump
Sealing type:Single
Seal bar length:16”
Weight (lbs):121
Designed for:Restaurants, industrial processors, supermarkets
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How can you find a commercial vacuum sealer which can be rated as one of the best of its kind in the market? A food vacuum sealer is capable of retaining the freshness and goodness of the food up to five times longer than normal storage methods.

So why would you need to consider and go through the specifications and capabilities of such a product before you buy it? The answer is quite simple. You only know what you want. If not choosing the wrong product will result in space consumption, excess noise, huge electricity bill and problems in maintenance. This is because there are products ranging from small scale to ultra-scale.

So in this review we are going to focus our attention on an industrial-grade vacuum machine – Ultravac 225 from UltraSource. We will see what you can expect and what you can’t out of this product.

Major Ultravac 225 features at a quick look

It has a very powerful 1.25 horsepower vacuum pump. When compared with actual size of the equipment this is very high powered. It has a large chamber capacity of length, width and depth 19.56″, 16.75″ and 7.25″ respectively. This is very useful since the actual volume of the product if large even can be packaged in this. There is a special Pozi Pressure® which is a radius surface seal which can seal through contaminants, wrinkles and folds. This allows the product to be sealed no matter the circumstances of the sealing.

The product is very special due to the patented Lid hinge system which will minimize the stress on the lid and will prevent it from cracking. Most of the products in the market do not have this feature and it is unique to Ultravac 225.

It also has NEMA 4 wash down controls. A major feature of this product is the space saving design of the product allowing it for different uses and easy use. The actual are of the product would take only 3.25 square feet and within this you can package products ranging from medium size to large size.

Additional features you might want to look at

It is designed to even work in harsh environments with a rigid, composite and stainless steel structure. The radius if the structure is seamless meaning it is very easy to clean. The color of the product would be stainless and black. The composite structure means there will be added weight on the product.

The weight of this commercial vacuum sealer is 121 pounds. It can perform a maximum of three cycles a minute. It has a 16 inch long seal bar. It is also renowned for its easy maintenance. This means this is user friendly. It has an electrical connection of 110V and 60 Hz.

  • Rugged 1.25-hp vacuum pump
  • 16” seal bar
  • Maximum bag/pouch size: 16″ x 20″
  • Up to 3 cycles per minute
  • Sealing type: single
  • Compact tabletop model
  • Durable stainless steel body and easy to clean
  • Patented lid hinge system
  • Pozi Pressure sealing element seals through folds, wrinkles and contaminants
  • NEMA 4 wash-down controls
  • Electrical Supply: 110 V / 60 Hz


It is really not for the home use since it is expensive . So this is designed really for medium scale and industrial purposes only. It has heavy vibrations and heavy sound too. This is also not suitable for small scale packaging either.


Ultravac 225 is ideal for small processing stations, restaurants, industrial processors and for super markets. This compact tabletop vacuum packaging machine saves space and is built for harsh environments with composite and stainless construction. It allows you to control the vacuum pressure as you wish and also can control moist and dry setting pack. The machine is ideal for packing of foods such as vegetables, fruits, poultry etc. making one of the best commercial vacuum sealers on the market now.

Ultravac 225_2

What customers say…

“I own a catering business where I must have a reliable vacuum sealer machine for daily use. After looking at many machines, the UltraSource UV225 was the perfect choice. Made in U.S.A., easy maintenance, and simple operation, it is obviously commercial industrial quality, plus, it was recommended by many of my friends in the restaurant community. I’m very happy with my UV225 and highly recommend it.”

UltraSource brand

UltraSource Ultravac 225 commercial vacuum sealer is manufactured in USA by UltraSource Company which has been manufacturing quality food processing and packaging equipment from 1983. The company has been obtaining Patents since 1993. You can see similar commercial vacuum machines here.

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