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VacMaster VP210 Tabletop Review

Product Name:VacMaster VP210
Vacuum pump:Maintenance-free pump
Sealing type:Single
Seal bar length:10”
Weight (lbs):72
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Product Overview

If you’ve been in the market looking for the perfect vacuum sealer, stop your searching. VacMaster’s VP210 is taking the community by storm and receiving quite a bit of publicity for its unique sealing power and its portability. The VacMaster VP210 Maintenance-Free Chamber has also been recognized for its competitive pricing and its fashionable design, in the same time keeping the food fresh up to five times longer. Without exaggerating, we can honestly say that it’s one of the best vacuum sealer on the market, being capable to handle the use of a professional kitchen. It is perfect for home processors, small business/restaurants.

Because this food packaging device is so expensive, we expected some advanced technology. This vacuum sealer uses double seal technology to ensure a complete and lasting seal. If that wasn’t enough, the sealer can be customized to a variety of vacuum and seal methods to ensure your food is getting the best seal possible. The VP210 comes packaged with a handful of “filler plates”, a handful of basic tools to get one started, and 100 bags of various sizes.

This chamber machine is able to obtain a 27-29 hg level of vacuum, while regular ones obtain 24-26 hg.

Features at a glance

  • Maintenance-free pump
  • Seal bar length: 10.25″
  • Sealing type: double
  • 10 Inch removable seal bar with double seal wire
  • Cycle Time: 20-60 Seconds
  • Stainless steel body
  • Control panel – adjustable vacuum and seal time, digital time display and pressure indicator
  • Maximum Chamber Pouch Size: 10” x 13”
  • Chamber Size (WxDxH): 11.25” x 15.25” x 5”
  • Overall Dimensions (WxDxH): 20” x 14” x 15”
  • Weight: 72 Pounds

Flexibility & Ease Of Use

If you’re looking for a highly flexible vacuum sealer, you’re going to love your new VP210. Specifically designed to increase ease of use, VacMaster’s chamber vacuum sealer makes it easier to seal various sizes, foods, and liquids. Depending on the food, one can easily adjust the settings to ensure the perfect seal. Looking to seal liquids? Thanks to it unique design, the VP210 will provide you with a perfect seal without any liquid running out of the bag.

You can use different types of pouches, different dimensions and not necessarily VacMaster bags. 6 x 12 inches, 8 x 10 inches, 8 x 12 inches, 10 x 13 inches, 10 x 15 inches pouches will work well.

Portability & Dimensions

Designed to be small and compact, the VP210 maintenance-free vacuum sealer comes in 24 x 19 x 19 inches dimensions and weighs a moderate weight of 83 pounds. Further, if purchased online, one should be careful picking up the box. It will weigh around 106 pounds.

Designed to be quite a bit taller than traditional chamber vacuum sealers, VacMaster’s VP210 has been designed to increase the ease of sealing liquids. The taller design helps anyone seal liquids easier when compared to other home vacuum chambers.


Simply put, this chamber vacuum sealer is designed for the serious food sealers. Although the price is steep, the product works extremely well and can withstand the test of time and excessive use. More than that you benefit from Free Shipping and possibility to buy it Used or Refurbished.

Warranty & Maintenance

VP210 comes backed with a 1 year limited warranty. In order to maintain your personal vacuum sealer, it’s recommended that you clean machine and change the sealer every 500 bags. Beyond this, VacMaster’s VP210 is extremely easy to maintain and use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where the sealing bar is placed?
Ans: Once the seal is created inside the chamber, the seal bar is clamped down against a silicone stopper. You can easily remove it for cleaning.

What types of food does it seal?
Ans: VacMaster VP210 can seal dry and wet foods as well liquids without a problem.

How high is the highest point with the door open at its maximum?
Ans: Around 25 inches.

Is it suitable for vacuuming small packets as well ?
Ans: Yes, being a large bulky machine, VacMaster VP210 can seal any size bag.

Will this machine work with regular sous vide bags, other than vacmaster bags ?
Ans: Yes, you will find some nice settings over there and as long as dimensions of the bag fits with the dimensions of the sealing bar, there is no problem.

How wide is the sealing bar ?
Ans: 10 inches.

Is this machine 220V or 110V ?
Ans: 110V.

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