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VacMaster VP215 Tabletop Review


Product Name:VacMaster VP215
Vacuum pump:Heavy-duty 1/4 hp oil pump
Sealing type:Single
Seal bar length:10”
Weight (lbs):84
Ideal for:Small businesses/restaurants, hunters and fishermen processing game at home, sous vide
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VacMaster VP215 Product Overview

Designed to provide the utmost bang for its buck, VacMaster VP215 vacuum packaging machine is a perfect medium-class vacuum sealer that is affordable, yet reliable. VP215 vacuum sealer can run continuously and doesn’t need any cool-down time in between bags because of its oil pump.

No matter what you’re trying to vacuum seal, VacMaster’s VP215 can handle it. From liquids to solids, sous-vide cooking, liquid-rich foods like fresh meats, soups, marinades, and stews, anyone can remove 99.9% of the air in any container within 70 seconds or less with the click of a button. The Vacmaster VP215 brings a considerable amount of features to the table and allows for a perfect seal each and every time.

A perfect machine for catering, small restaurants, culinary institutions, delicatessens, or hunters and fishers, home users. It is an ideal sous vide vacuum sealer.

Features at a Glance

  • Heavy-duty 1/4 hp oil pump
  • 10 Inch removable seal bar with double seal wire
  • Seal bar length: 10.25″
  • Cycle Time: 20-40 Seconds
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy-to-use digital control panel and easy-to-read pressure indicator
  • Maximum Chamber Bag Size: 10” x 13”
  • Chamber Size (WxDxH): 11.25” x 15.25” x 5”
  • Overall Dimensions (WxDxH): 20” x 14” x 15”
  • Weight: 84 Pounds
  • Includes: 75 assorted chamber pouches, filler plates, maintenance kit, and manual

Flexibility & Ease of Use

No matter what type of environment you expect to use this vacuum sealer in, you’ll love it. Whether you’re in a home or kitchen, the VP215 chamber vacuum sealer is quiet enough and powerful enough to satisfy everyone’s demands. Continuing on, the Vacmaster VP215 provides a double edge seal to increase the shelf life of your food up to 5 times and ensure that the seal itself can withstand the test of time.

When using this VacMaster for the first time, we realized that there was a minimal learning curve and it was extremely easy to understand and use. Depending on our personal seal preferences, we ended up with a perfect seal each and every time. Not only is this machine exact, it does not overheat.

Simply put, this machine is powerful, customizable, and most importantly reliable.

Portability and Dimensions

Weighing in at 84 pounds, this medium-sized vacuum sealer has the specific dimensions of 20 x 14 x 15 inches. Although this specific VacMaster has the potential to fit in a cabinet or shelf, we highly recommend placing this VacMaster somewhere and leaving it. Weighing in at over 84 pounds, it’s extremely hard to maneuver around and move about. Further, the VP215 vacuum sealer has a deep pit to allow for sealing even large objects.

VP215 Vacuum Machine Cost

Although we’ve definitely seen a handful of other vacuum sealers with a cheaper price tag, it’s clear that the Vacmaster VP215 Is a serious upgrade in terms of reliability and performance. It’s true when they say “you get what you pay for” and we definitely recommend spending the extra hundred or so dollars to ensure precise and accurate performance.

The VP215 has been designed for supermarkets, restaurants, and serious home cookers looking to increase their food’s shelf life up to 5 times longer.

This unique model provides some advanced features to create a perfect seal for any food or liquid. If you’re looking for a modern vacuum sealer that will not overheat after extensive use, the Vacmaster VP215 model is the perfect solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It will work with Mylar bags?
Ans: Yes. As long as the bag isn’t wider than the sealing bar, it will work.

How long is the cycling time?
Ans: It depends on what you’re sealing. Usually, the cycle time is 20-40 seconds.

Is this vacuum sealer for commercial use or home use?
Ans: Both; even if it’s heavy, but it does a great vacuum packing.

Does it come with bags?
Ans: Yes.

How high is the internal chamber?
Ans: 5 inches.


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