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Unlike some of the sports in the world that we come across, skateboarding is all about the equipment. This implies that a person is only as good as the equipment he uses. You can be excellent with skateboards, but if you have a wrong skateboard i.e. in terms of quality and size, then it can hamper your performance which will simply result in frustration.

So, it becomes really difficult to choose the right ones that will match your skills and also help you to improve your game. Assembling a new skateboard can be expensive as you will need to buy skateboard trucks, skateboard decks, and wheels along with some of the other fixtures. Therefore, it is necessary that you engage in a bit of research before you actually buy a skateboard. We put together the ultimate guide in one spot to help you find the perfect cruiser skateboard.

Ultimate Cruiser Skate Board Guide

Types of Cruiser Skateboards

Over the years skateboards have gone under a sea change and these are now available in a wide range of formats. The current ones include the trick deck skateboards that are the regular ones and there are the longboards especially meant for cruising. Professional skateboarders are quite aware of the fact that their optimum level of performance is based on the type of skateboard they use, apart from their skills.

In the case of amateurs, all kinds of skateboards might appear similar, but there are certain options to look for. Most of the skateboards differ in terms of their lengths and concave depths.

There are two major categories of skateboard – short and long. Lengths and shapes vary between boards and for people who are looking to make some expert tricks, the concave curve on the board is the best feature to have with raised tail and nose for performing complex tricks as an Ollie. There are three different parts of any skateboard – the deck, is the main platform on which the rider stands on, the truck, and the wheels that are located right underneath the deck.

Skateboards are commonly referred to as the longboard and the traditional ones. These differ in terms of the length of the deck. The most common ones that are used for tricks are the traditional skateboards and these are shorter than 84 cm or 33 inches. On the other hand, longboards are more than 35 inches in length i.e. 89 cm, and are generally used for cruising.

Benefits of Using Longboards

Longboards are the skateboard variants that have distinguished and more pronounced wider and longer shapes. People generally use these types of skateboards for numerous activities like cruising, downhill racing, and also going in & around any place. The skateboard variants are much heavier compared to other skateboards, so these are not the ones ideal for performing skateboard tricks.

  • Longboards are longer compared to traditional skateboards and these are ideal for transportation purposes.
  • These boards are much faster and more convenient than bicycles. These are also portable and small, so people can easily carry these around.
  • These skateboards are more stable compared to other skateboards and due to their large wheelbase, these can go over large craters and bumps easily.

Reviews of the 5 Best Cruiser Skateboards

Earthwing Supermodel

Whether it is for freeriding or cruising, nothing can beat the Earthwing Supermodel. This longboard has been picked by the experts as an ideal one for cruising both for beginners as well as professionals. This model is popular because it can do so many things quite easily.

This model is an easy cruiser and also allows users to slide easily. The Earthwing model is available in versions that come with 8 as well as 9 plies, but it is the 8 ply version that is known for its flexibility. The choice of the variants depends entirely on the weight of the users and most experts recommend that the 8 ply version is an ideal choice unless anyone is looking to try out much stiff deck. This is an ideal longboard for cruising that comes with the excellent built quality and quite affordable.

BC Eel

BC longboards are known for their nautical themes and these are solid beasts. These models have a concave drop-through design and these are rated among the finest when it comes to performing all-round actions. BC Eel is known for its flexibility.

This longboard is an ideal companion for those who like to do tricks and it is perfectly capable as a downhill board. This longboard model is known for its superb built-quality and for rough rides and one can also perform slides on these longboards. For people who are inclined to performing numerous tricks, then Eel is a perfect choice.

Landyachtz 925

This longboard has a perfect distinction from other boards that comes with a gentle W-concave deck. This concave shape of the deck allows users to stay firmly planted on the skateboard.

The low deck of the board allows users to push the board with great ease. It is stiff and the small size of the board makes it a decent board for cruising.

Loaded Tan Tien

This board is known for its solid manufacture with exceptional built quality. Tan Tien is an excellent choice for freestyle riding and performing flip tricks. If anyone is transforming into longboards from skateboards, then it is an ideal choice. It is an all-round board and it is ideal for beginners who are interested in performing tricks.

Comet FSM

The FSM 40“ board is rated among the finest fun boards that are available in the market.

Most users of this longboard believe that Comet’s graphics are simply outstanding. The polarizing graphic on the FSM is a combination of yellow and purple.

There have been issues in the past with these boards due to de-lamination, but it has been taken care of, so people can easily opt for these boards.

World Industries Flameboy Custom Cruiser

Pros: The shape and graphics are what make the Flameboy Custom Cruiser stand out above others, the board itself is made of quality 7 plies, strong Canadian maple. Users have reported this board rides smooth. Cons: Overall there were no real complaints, most people love the graphics and said it’s a great board.

Skateboards have been quite a revelation in the past and it is still now. It is a perfect companion for people who enjoy outdoor activities and at times like to pull up a few tricks by flipping with their skateboards. Moreover, these skateboards are quite convenient to carry and to move from one place to another.

Some users of skateboards are of the opinion that these boards are way too better than a bicycle as it does not require any additional force to move or push these things.

So, if you are looking to own one of the best skateboards that are available in the market, then World Industries Flameboy Custom Cruiser is one of the widely recommended ones to choose from. The Flameboy name came from its polarizing graphic that depicts flames.

It is a beautifully crafted cruiser board that has a high-quality finish, thanks to the 7 ply veneers of the Canadian Maple that comes with a grip top that is sugar-coated. The skateboard also comes with custom World Industries branded wheels and trucks.

The wheel size is 82a 65mm that comes with bearings Abec 5. The competition is tough when it comes to skateboard cruisers as there are numerous companies that are pouring into the market offering innovative & designer cruiser boards.

Excellent built-quality and premium finish

World Industries Flameboy Custom Cruiser is a mean machine that is ideal for those users who are into heavy usage with quick slide and flipping of the board. This cruiser is meant for rough handling & usage, but it does not look like one because of its fines finish that is its unique selling point.

The first thing that anyone would notice about the board is its premium design & feel along with a fine polish maple finish. The skateboard is roughly 5.8 pounds in weight because of the 7 plies thick maple deck and it measures 25.4 x 9.8 x 5.2 inches.

It is ideal for buyers to compare the prices of the product to various stores so that they can bag the best deals. Most of the reputed online stores offer shipping and delivery of the product worldwide, however, it is important to check out the rates and the policies to get all the details.

Compare prices and features to get the best deals

The World Industries Flameboy Custom Cruiser is rated among the top skateboards that are available in the market by customers from all over the world. The superb and high-quality materials and excellent built quality has made this skateboard one of the top-selling products.

The graphic design on top of the deck is uber-cool and it has been designed by the manufacturers keeping in mind the preferences of the youth. Make sure that before you buy the product to do a bit of research to get all the details about the product and to compare its features and prices on various shopping portals. This will ensure that you buy the best Flameboy Cruiser board.

Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – Is It Any Good?

Pros: Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – Very smooth riding, great for the pavement or road riding. Users say it’s going over cracks and pebbles with ease. An awesome complete board and even has a bottle opener, great for hot days and long rides. Cons: The price is not the cheapest, but it’s definitely not as pricey as some others.

Santa Cruz Rasta longboard is this new 8.8×27.7 inch skateboard which is a flat cruiser deck. It has amazing features, which have been specially worked on to provide easy grip and better maneuvering on the roads. So, people who like riding skateboards and are good at it would definitely love this new cool thing.

>>Get It Here – Santa Cruz Skate Rasta Sk8 Complete And Check Out The Low Price<<<

Most people buy this stuff from online stores, which can save a ton of cash. Proper knowledge about the skateboard would enable one to understand whether it would suit their requirement. This new skateboard has a host of all those features, which the youngsters today would require on road.

Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – The features

The Santa cruz rasta board has a wheelbase of 16.5 inches and the nose is 2.7 inches. The kicktail is also sufficient and 4.3 inches in dimension. It is made up of bullet hardware and Bullet B137 trucks. Along with them, ABEC5 bearings are also affixed.
It comprises of Road rider 78A wheels which are 65 millimeters in measurement. At the bottom of the deck, there is also a bottle opener, so that chill by taking a drink at any place.

The grip is clear spray-on. With this new skateboard by Santa Cruz, island-style is brought to skating. The Rasta graphics are amazing, and one can easily relax while being on them. It has a sturdy seven-ply construction and a great kicktail.

Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – What we like

I like the Rasta style graphics and colors used in the board lends it a vibrant and energetic feel. There is a black reverse dot top logo which also has some smooth Rasta-colored rails.

Proper traction is provided on the spray-on grip so that no compromises can be made on the graphics. The green wheels are translucent and they further add to the glamorous look of this cruiser skateboard.

Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – What Owners Think

This board is lovely to look at and is unique in a whole lot of ways. The complex details and specifications enable it to be open to all people for sheer enjoyment. Young cruisers, who love adventure, would be able to explore new places on this board, without the risks of falling or accidents.

Its awesome specifications appeal to both new and old cruisers. The contrasting colors have been a talking point; in the case of this board as people seem to love it. The design is so fresh and new, that it is sure to grab the attention of people all over. The graphics are properly done, and it is made sure that they do not wear off due to constant riding.

Santa Cruz Rasta Longboard Review – Overall Thoughts

The performance of the Rasta lonboard has been incredible and this has been informed by all people who have bought. Every detail posted about the board is true and genuine. People who have received them, found them with their perfect specifications as had been notified in the sites.

Performance of the Santa Cruz Rasta has been incredibly good and youngsters had found their true passion in it. It fulfills the requirements that the new generation has.

Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style Cruiser Review

Pros: Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style skateboard is an ideal cruise board for people who actively perform skateboard stunts and tricks. It’s small, easy to carry and cheap. Cons: Not the “coolest” looking board, and it looks cheap. It’s a smaller type of cruiser, this can be good or bad depending on preference. Small width deck.

The Kryptonics skateboard is an excellent option for skateboard users because it provides a superb grip for firm grip and its exceptional streamlined design is ideal for aero-dynamics.

The deck of this skateboard is made of semi-rigid molded plastic which also boasts molded checkerboard design for additional grip and better control while sliding and flipping.

The urethane wheels are super smooth and injected underneath the deck for a smooth ride. The wheels of the Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style skateboard measures about 60 mm x 51 mm in terms of base width that comes with a cupped recess on both sides of the skateboard.

People who enjoy outdoor sports can easily opt for the Kryptonics Penny Style skateboard because not only it is a cruiser board but also performs exceptionally well when performing various stunts and this is the reason why it is one of the most sought after and preferred choices among skateboard users. This board has an ergonomic design and it is available in different colors to choose from as per the requirements or needs of the users.

Unconventional design and ergonomic features

The Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style Cruiser skateboard is made of semi-rigid molded plastic along with a checkerboard design on top of the deck for better surface grip. It measures around 22.5 x 6 inches and weighs somewhere around the 7 pounds mark.

The manufacturer Kryptonics has been in the limelight as the original wheel maker since its inception in the year 1965. This is one of the classic masterpieces from the company and has been extremely popular among the youths. The design of this skateboard is more like a 70s retro look which comes with a deck that has a pre-loaded reverse curve along with tough plastic composition for superb built-quality and added rigidity that is suitable even for heavy riders.

The deck has superb built that can handle extreme compression due to its virtually unbreakable flex. The kicktail of the skateboard is a little shallow compared to some of the others and allows users to make the most of its usable angle. The skateboard comes with ABEC 1 bearings along with 3.25-inch trucks and 90 A bushings.

Our final thoughts on the Kryptonics Torpedo Penny Style Board

This is one of the finest skateboards that are available in the market and perhaps the best plastic molded ergonomic skateboards for cruising. It is a perfect replacement for bicycles and people who feel convenient in using skateboards to go around places or do certain stunts can opt for this cruiser board.

These skateboards are also available with custom accessories and gear that can make cruising extremely easy and fun-filled. Make sure that as a buyer you scour through various online stores to find out the best deals that are available and compare between the deals to make the most of the offers and rebates for better savings.

Bahne El Muerto Cruiser

Bahne El Muerto Cruiser is the next big thing for the new generation and cruising with this board is always fun and enjoyable.

Just a decent board designed to do what it’s supposed to. Overall there were no real complaints from owners.

The El Muerto board is extremely cheap, which makes it a great cruiser for beginners, or anyone on a tight budget.

Not all boards will do what you need or even perform the way you want, and it’s no different with the Bahne El Muerto Cruiser. If your looking for a cheap, but quality cruiser then this might be the one for you.

It is more fun when the skateboard is up to the mark and accentuates the entire experience of skateboarding. Thus, people who are into it are very specific about the features they want in their skateboards.

Bahne El Muerto Cruiser is the right thing for the new generation cruiser. It has all the fun elements along with great styling and security so that the entire experience can be enthralling. One should be very conscious while buying these stuff and check even the minute details, to ensure that they are getting the right value for the money spent.

Cool features of the Bahne El Muerto Cruiser

The best features of this skateboard include a 35-inch longboard cruiser. Rugged 7-inch aluminum truck and 7 ply all hardwood deck made of maple wood ensure greater strength and comfort.

The 70mm PU wheels are highly durable and the little kicktail is quite nice. This monster cruiser can sure trigger a whole lot of amusing reactions, when one would step into the college campus, the skate park, the beach, or simply town downtown.

Bahne has done a great job in building this contemporary board, so that one can sure have a great time gliding on it, across the streets. The exaggerated kick tail, concave deck, and wide template, further add to its style quotient. The quality is fabulous and everyone who has purchased it, have affirmed it. No matter, how complex the terrain is, one can surely make their way, with smoothness and style.

Are there any complaints?

Bahne El Muerto Cruiser has had no complaints, to be honest. The price they are paying for the board has been vindicated by the package of features punched into them. Therefore, if a father is looking for a skateboard for his son, with great wood quality and a trustworthy brand name, then this cruiser from Bahne would surely be the one.

With some little adjustments by the cruiser, the skateboard would work perfectly with everyone. People have seemed really happy with the purchase. This product has received five stars mostly, but people have complained about the bad packaging. The overall reviews have been appreciable and people have loved the expanse of the board and the sturdiness.

What do we think and should you get it?

One has quite a few reasons to consider buying this board. The features are great and the wheels are very smooth. Riders, who are experienced at it, can do a great job with this one. Complete safety is ensured and one has no reason to worry about while using it.

It has proved to be one of the best among skateboards. Hassle-free and easy to maintain this board is the thing for the generation who spends most of their time on the wheels. So, go wherever you wish to on your skateboard without the extra baggage of tension related to falling or wobbling.


If you’re looking to get the best results and improved performance, then the only way to achieve that is to get hold of the best and the most complete skateboard. There are many skateboard manufacturers and most of these companies sell skateboard trucks, skateboard decks, and other essential items. We tried our best to give you the Ultimate Cruiser Board Guide, don’t forget to read our board reviews to find the perfect cruiser skateboards for you.

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