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Best Single Speed Cruiser Bikes


Bicycles have one gear ratio, and they do not use derailleur gears or hub gearing. To put it differently, there is not any way to vary the gear ratio of the bike. Cruiser bikes are the perfect bike for a cyclist

One of the reasons why consumers choose to buy single-speed bikes is because of simplicity. Wheels, brakes, and the crank are the only moving parts as they don’t have any extra gears. These parts make maintenance much more straightforward and require minimal adjustments.

Here are the absolute best single-speed bicycles :

1. Critical Cycles Classic Track Bike

Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear...
  • Premium hand built steel Fixed gear single speed Track frame with barspin clearance, water bottle mounts, no toe overlap, and horizontal Drop outs
  • Super deep-v double wall rims with stainless steel spokes and flip-flop rear wheel hub allows changing from single-speed to Fixed gear with ease
  • Low profile VP platform BMX pedals, sealed bottom Bracket, wander tires, kmc chain, Promax brake, 3 pc crank, and lightweight alloy chain wheel
  • Pursuit bullhorn handlebars with soft kraton rubber grips for ultimate comfort and urban comfort saddle
  • Comes 85% built, comes with the tools you need to build and maintain your bicycle

Base Build: Critical Cycles has produced it easy for many shoppers on a budget by inventing a miracle that can go for ages without needing maintenance. A track runner in looks, any rider that enjoys a rush, or any fixie fanatic with a character that is flip-flop will find a lot to appreciate for a modest entry fee.

2. Projekt Fixie Stealth

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Narrow Escape: The absence of wires or cables can be a little frightening at first, as can the pencil-thin tubing, but after you hit the road, you will realize how artfully designed and well-constructed the Stealth is. It takes an unusual amount of punishment, both on the road and tracks while providing you a burden that won’t strain your spine.

3. Men’s Newport by 3G Bikes

An unabashed beach cruiser by 3G Bike, the tires prevent digging while the frame gives you a unique support structure for a ride in when you hit on the sand. Made with a dustbuster chain, stainless steel spokes, and capped rubber grips, it can survive in the salty sea air.

4. Fuji Feather

Track Star: More than just another pedaler, the lines, and Elios two steel frames provide the Feather a distinct track racer pedigree. On the rear is a hub, giving you a choice but it’s for racing up best and then going down the hills of San Francisco.

5. Bowery Lane Broncks Black

Commute & Cruise: Hand constructed right in New York City by cutting-edge design firm Brooklyn Industries, the Broncos Black Single Speed has a positive urban mindset at work, with daring metal joints counteracting the American steel body. Accents like cork handles and a crate that is hand-crafted add the nod to the last of the otherwise bombproof build.

6. State Bicycle Co. Black Label 6061

State Bicycle Black Label 6061 Aluminum Fixed...
  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum frame, double butted and tig-welded
  • Essor USA carbon fiber fork with full carbon fiber steer tube
  • SRAM S100 Crankset
  • Flip-Flop Hub
  • 57cm. Recommended rider height: 5'9" to 6'0"

Dark Horse: State does not have a hole in their gear lineup, but the 6061 is the most fun. Made for road and track it’s an abundance of choices, but the stock load is magical to ride.

7. Mission Bicycle Company Lumen

Custom Class: The black finish provides a rider that is professional to you by day the specialized coating lights up the night so that you will never be another statistic on the roadside after a night ride. More than only a reflector, Mission Bicycle Company will make each Lumen, hand-built to your specifications, giving you complete control from start to glorious finish.

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