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Cruisers bikes are perfect for fun and comfort, and Schwinn makes some of the finest. This genre of bikes offers a cushioned seat, which keeps you encouraged for a long ride. The wide-set handlebars enable the rider to sit upright so that you can enjoy the view your јоurnеу mау tаkе уоu. Сruіsеr bіkеs hаvе wіdе whееls tо іnсrеаsе stаbility, making them comfortable and sturdy even and for paths that are paved shore jaunts along the sand.

Schwinn bicycles have bееn mаkіng thе wоrld а fаstеr, hарріеr рlасе fоr оvеr 120 уеаrs. Тhеу оffеr а wіde variety of bikes to suit every cycling style and desire, and their cruiser bikes are known for style and comfort. Schwіnn іs rеnоwnеd fоr thеіr іnnоvаtіvе designs for more than a century and they combine that technology and features to provide cruiser bikes.

Schwinn Cruiser bikes have special Warranties

Lifecycle of service

The lifecycle of support of the various kinds of Schwinn Cruiser bikes is always specified in the warranty. The period the bicycle can be of service or a part of the bicycle differs from the time of the guarantee period and varies according to the Schwinn bicycle type, how careful is the consumer of the bicycle with the bicycle as well as the conditions (environment) of riding. The lifecycle support of a Schwinn bicycle can certainly be shortened by different activities that increases strain on the bicycle like downhill racing, using the bicycle under harsh weather conditions, carrying heavy loads on the bicycle, competitive riding or another use of the bike that will turn to fasten it for bad. The failure that’s not covered by the limited warranty can arise from having a Schwinn bicycle under one or a combination of some of those conditions above. For a client or a Schwinn bicycle user to detect framework and component problems, it is suggested to look at the bike periodically. This is a security measure while riding from which accidents can arise and the lifecycle of service of the bicycle reduced as a miss function of a component of the bicycle can lead to accidents.

Component warranty of Schwinn Cruiser Bikes

Parts located on the Schwinn Cruisers bikes which aren’t produced by the Schwinn company (non-proprietary component), this type of component has its limited warranty. To make a warranty claim, it’s advisable to meet up with the dealer to learn more about the part. Provided that the individual who purchased the bicycle possesses it, all parts except the Normal wear parts are guaranteed in a case of a defect that arises due to a flaw or material defect due to workmanship. Weаr раrts оn а Ѕсhwіnn сruіsеr bіkеs аre the grip brake shoes, tires, saddle covering are covered by a thirty days limited warranty. If a client has a warranty claim for a Normal wear part, it should be made within this thirty days from whom he bought the bike, and the dealer can aid the client.
This is the Schwinn beach cruiser

Schwinn Ladies Perla

This bike comes with some safety features that are fantastic, so it’s pretty and practical. By brakes to gear changes, this bike also arrives decked out with a padded seat with piping and embroidery. While you seem pretty and sit pretty, you enjoy that it has a lifetime guarantee to keep you riding strong for many years to come.

Schwinn Perla Womens Beach Cruiser Bike,...
  • The Schwinn Perla is a steel step-thru cruiser style bike with matching fenders and sweptback handlebars, and cushy quilted seat.
  • The 7 speed twist shifters will help you climb hills and make easier. The alloy linear pull brakes mean you can stop when you need to.
  • A quilted seat with springs and trim, soft grips. Upright riding position, fenders keep the road dirt off your clothes, convenient rear rack.
  • The Perla has 26" wheels and a 18" frame size. Fit riders 5'4" to 5'9", depending on leg length and reach distance. The step over height is only 19"
  • Assembled dimensions are 65" long, 31" wide at handlebar, 37" high at the handlebar stem to the floor, the seat has some height adjustment.

Schwinn Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is the variant of this bicycle before Schwinn created the Perla, and there’s a lot of great things about the first edition. It comes with a convenient bike rack over the wheel to make this your bicycle for all, including errands. The seat has springs for comfort, and it comes equipped for easy riding on the road 23, with tires. This bike is available in a men’s or women’s frame.

Schwinn Sanctuary 7 Comfort Cruiser Bike,...
  • Ride through town in leisure with the Schwinn Sanctuary Women's Cruiser Bicycle. This steel-framed cruiser bike offers all the comfort you need to enjoy your ride.
  • Full fenders keep mud and dirt away from your clothing, while the rear cargo rack holds everything you need to carry along for the journey.
  • A Shimano seven-speed rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters offers all the performance you need.
  • Aluminum alloy rims are lightweight and strong, while the padded cruiser saddle with springs leaves you in complete comfort.
  • This women's bike ships ready to be assembled, has a limited lifetime warranty, and the wheels measure 26 inches.

Schwinn Swindler

The Schwinn Swindler has some incredible features. It is a classic men’s cruiser that has retro features with a springer front fork for a classic design. The seat also adjusts to accommodate many different rider heights.

Schwinn Allston 1 Bike Womens Sz S/M
  • Frame: Schwinn Steel Classic Step Thru Dutchi
  • Fork: Schwinn Rigid Steel
  • Rims: Weinmann ZAC17 Alloy 36H
  • Hubs: Alloy Bolt-on 36H (F) and (R)
  • Spokes: 14G Stainless

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