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Spinner Lures often referred to as Spinner Bait, are Lures that spin using a propeller action to resemble the prey of the fish that you’re intending to catch.

If you’re looking to catch predatory fish such as Bass, Perch, or Pikes, a spinner lure is likely to be the preferred lure of your choice. Vibrations produced by spinner lures, use the ‘touch’ sense to attract these predatory fish from a distance.

In addition to touch, spinner lures also stimulate the ‘hearing’ and ‘sight’ senses of fish. Spinners do this by generating sound saves and creating light flashes.

Below, we’re reviewing the 3 best spinner lures for sale on Amazon.

#3 – Buzz by Booyah

Booyah BYB38-608 Buzz Bait, 3/8-Ounce,...
  • Included Components: Booyah Buzz Black 3/8 Oz
  • Sport Type: Outdoor Lifestyle
  • Country of Origin:Guatemala
  • Size Name:One Size

The Booyah Buzz is an exceptional spinner lure, that produces a loud ‘clacker style’ sound. Styled with 3D eyes, the combination of appearance and sound is almost a magnetic pull for bass.

Despite the modest select of size and color options (3 sizes and 6 colors), reviews are reporting some excellent catches with the Buzz; secured using its super sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook.

As well as its potent sound, the Buzz was also designed to make a huge surface disturbance. Working in unison, these two features are excellent at obtaining strikes.

Overall, the Buzz is a fantastic lure, with the only downside being the lack of size and color variants in comparison to the other lures in our top 3. It’s still definitely worth checking out though.

#2 – Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure by Yakima Bait

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail...
  • Unique Spinning Action
  • In-Line Weighted Body Design
  • Pulsating Hackle Tail Attracts Fish
  • Genuine Silver, Brass, or Copper Blades
  • UV Finishes Available

The Wordens Original Rooster is a top-quality spinner lure available in 10 different sizes and a multitude of different finishes; including metallic, UV, and glitter finishes, just to name a few options.

The Rooster has a very unique spinning action, with a pulsating hackle tail that is proving to be a real winner with previous buyers who have reviewed the lure on Amazon.

This exceptional lure has been heralded as the ‘best spinner lure available’ by some buyers and the range of color and size combinations enables you to select a variant that is optimal for your prey.

#1 – Kastmaster Lure by Acme

acme Kastmaster Lure, Chrome, 2-Ounce
  • Field tested by expert anglers
  • Made to last
  • Built using the highest quality materials
  • The Kastmaster is machined from solid brass It won't break, bend or corrode and it retains its luster even after repeated exposure to salt water
  • Ideal for stripers, blues, jacks, lake trout, and salmon

The Acme Kastmaster Lure comes in at #1 because it’s available in a huge range of sizes and colors, is great value for money, and has hordes of positive customer reviews.

The Kastmaster is made from solid brass, ensuring that it will not break or corrode; even after long continuous use in saltwater. With its aerodynamic design, this top quality spinner lure produces wild action without any line twist.

With 8 different sizes available, you can select a variation of the Kastmaster to suit you. Different sizes have been tested with different weights of fish. Whether you’re looking to fish for trout, bass, panfish, or a variety of others – you can find a variation of the Kastmaster for you.

That concludes this spinning lure review, we hope it helped!

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