Cheap Crossbows


Cheap Crossbows

Here is a chart of some of the higher-rated cheap crossbows for sale. These cheap crossbows usually sell for less than $200.00.

This is a good place to start if you are new to crossbow hunting or sport shooting. These are some of the higher quality budget crossbows available today.

Cheap CrossbowsFeaturesPricing
Barnett Recruit Recurve

Draw Weight: 150 lbs
Foot Pounds of Energy: 65
FPS: 245
Arrow Length./Grain: 18″/400
Allows for the Integration of a Crank Cocking Device
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JAGUAR CR-013 Crossbow

Composite stock, rifle style
175-Pound draw fiberglass bow
30-Millimeter red 3 dot scope, 7 level brightness adj
4 16-Inch bolts included
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Arrow Precision Inferno Fury

Draw weight: 175 pounds
Speed: 235 feet per second
Weight: 4.84 pounds
Length (without foot stirrup): 31 inches
Width–limb tip to limb tip: 27 inches
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SA Sports Fever

String Length: 26.5
Physical Weight: 4.85 Pounds
Length (w/o Foot Stirrup): 31″
Width (Limb Tip to Limb Tip): 27″
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“Cheap Crossbows” Reviews

Barnett Recruit Recurve

Barnett Recruit Recurve
  • Made of the highest qualitiy materials
  • Archery crossbows with scopes packages
  • Another quality Barnett product

Barnett’s Recurve Crossbow delivers 65 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy for the power, you need out in the field. The Metal Injection Molded trigger delivers a smooth trigger pull. The Anti-Dry-Fire Trigger System prevents damage to the crossbow. The adjustable buttstock fits different sized shooters. The lightweight composite stock features a Picatinny rail that lets you add accessories. This crossbow features an AVi anti-vibration foot stirrup. It can be used with Barnett’s integrated crank system (not included). This is one of the best “cheap crossbows” available. If you are on a budget this Barnett Crossbow is worth checking out.

JAGUAR CR-013 Crossbow

Jaguar MC-CR013A2 Crossbow Kit, 175-Pound,...
  • Hunting crossbow designed with accuracy, safety, and durability in mind
  • 175-pound draw; fires crossbow arrows at speeds of 245 FPS (feet per second)
  • Slotted cast-magnesium barrel for accurate bolt flight tracking
  • Weaver-style rail includes a single dot 30mm red dot scope with 7-level brightness adjustment
  • Includes six-bolt detachable quiver, four 16-inch aluminum crossbow bolts with 150-gr points, safety glasses, and a shoulder sling

This cheap crossbow fires bolts at speeds of up to 245 fps. This Jaguar Crossbow features a composite stock made from durable fiberglass. This crossbow is available in your choice of either black or camo finish. This would make a good crossbow for novices and for anyone on a budget. We recommend taking a look at it if you are looking for cheap crossbows that perform well.

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit...
  • Package comes fully equipped with 4-16" bolts, Quick Detach Quiver, 3 Red Dot Sight, Padded Sling and Rope Cocker, Free Extra String
  • Anti-Dry Fire Trigger Mechanism, Thumb Guard for added protection
  • Extremely Lightweight and Compact with Fully Dipped Camo Pattern, Aluminum Rail and Barrel with Compression Fiberglass Limbs
  • Measures 34.5 inches long (without foot stirrup) and 26.5 inches wide with a 10.5 inch Power Stroke

Just discovered your love for hunting or target practice? Are you looking for cheap crossbows to get started with? The Arrow Precision Inferno Fury could be the crossbow you need. With an impressive 175 pounds of draw weight and a velocity of up to 235 FPS, this crossbow is a great value for budget-minded hunters. It comes with a quick detach quiver and a padded shoulder sling. The Inferno Fury is a good, well-rounded crossbow available for anyone on a budget. You should definitely take a look at it.

SA Sports Fever

SA Sports Fever Crossbow Package 543
  • Ambidextrous Auto Safety
  • Large Boot Style Foot Stirrup
  • Adjustable Weaver Style Scope Mount
  • Lightweight Composite Track/Barrel
  • Quick Detach Quiver. Full Dipped Camo Pattern

The SA Sports Fever includes all of the top quality, desirable features, and accessories that most experienced hunters are looking for. This crossbow is at a price tag that nearly everyone can afford. Take a look at this model if you are in the market for cheap crossbows.

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