Beginner tips to find a golf Rangefinder


Beginner tips to find a golf Rangefinder


Golf rangefinders are used in determining the distance of a fixed point such as hazard, green or a flag in a golf course during golf playing. The golf rangefinders are used by golf sports beginners because the experienced players can estimate golf fixed points using bushes, trees or markers.


Beginner tips to find a golf ranger are as follows.

  • The maximum distance the rangefinder measures. This determines the benefits of the purchased device. Most measure up to 400 metres. Bushnel’s Tour V3 measure up to 900m.


  • Its features. The value offered by the rangefinder is determined by its features. A good rangefinder has vivid display, jolt technology and ESP. An example of the best featured rangefinder is Bushnel Pro has a jolt, 7x magnifier and a pinseeker.


  • A good rangefinder should be easy to use. Nikon Coolsht 40i is easy to use by beginners.

  • The size and weight should be small because the rangefinder is carried around the golf course. A good example for a portable rangefinder is Nikon’s 8397 ACULON.

  • A good rangefinder should be approved by USGA. This is essential when a beginner has to tour with it. An example of an approved rangefinder is the Bushnell Tour Z6.

  • Other customer’s reviews is a good way for the beginners to find a good rangefinder. The review are found at the bottom of a rangefinder in online markets such as amazon or eBay.

  • A beginner’s budget is a determinant when it comes to purchasing a rangefinder. For a high quality cheap rangefinders they should buy Tec Tec Tec’s VPR0500. It measures up to 500 meters

A lot of research should be done before a beginner purchases a rangefinder. They should google search the best rangefinders, view peoples reviews under them and buy rangefinder from the best companies. They provide the best qualities.


Some of the best qualities rangefinders are:

  • Tec Tec Tec VPRO500. It is lightweight, has a pin sensor and resistant to water and dust.

  • Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt. It is light weight, has a quick focus, is cheap, and has only one control button.

  • Bushnell Pro X7 Slope. It has a pin seeker, its readings are easier, has a 7X magnification covering a long distance, has slope compensation, and is water proof.

  • Nikon Coolshot 20. It is small and easy to handle, affordable, is USGA approved and rain proof.

  • Bunshell Pro X2. It is very accurate because of its long range, waterproof, has a jolt and has appealing looks.

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