Best Flag seeker Rangefinders


Best Flag seeker Rangefinders

In golfing, every individual is interested in outshining the other. Unfortunately it is not that easy. It calls for sheer hard work in training and enough concentration and prowess in the golfing course to emerge the winner. Whenever you step into the golfing course you will be tempted to be overconfident due to the training you had. However, your opponents might just prove you wrong once the game gets on. So, while on the course you really have to be attentive and make sure you get every move right. This will be possible by ensuring you have the right equipment in place to enhance your golfing. One of the equipment that will go a long way in assisting you is a rangefinder. But in order to ensure it executes its tasks efficiently, go for the best which is Golf Rangefinder-Laser Range Finder braced with a Flag seeker VPRO500.Once you start using it, the benefits are overwhelming, thanks to its special features.

Special Features

• This Rangefinder has a longer measurement range that lies between 5 and 540 yards, which translates to at least 500 meters. It is an essential feature, since it makes the equipment best fit for larger courses and those with a wider background cover.

• It has a long-lasting make alongside a very quality monocular lens endorsed with a significant 6 times magnification and multi-layer coating. This coating ensures clearer and better images are observed. Besides, the range finder is easy to use and improves clarity.

• It contains 3 modes comprising of advanced pin detector technology perfect for measuring overlapping subjects. Its first target priority is used in measuring the closest subject distance and is often of great help when it comes to collecting the measurements of the flagstick with more green cover in its background. The distant target priority mode assists in measuring and displaying the extend of the farthest subject and is very reliable in woody areas. The last mode is the ProScan mode that permits you to know the measurements of the dangers lying ahead. By using this appliance, you not only know the measurement you need for the best shot but also know what you need to evade.

• Its full package comes with a quality top tier bag, microfiber cloth to ensure your lens are kept clean all the time. So, when fog comes by, you will not have any hard time using it. They also have a belt to allow it hang when not in use, especially when you want to make a hit. Comes with a free battery proving its readiness for use the moment you purchase it.

• Besides being long-lasting, it is rain proof meaning you can make use of it even when it is raining. You will not lose your touch even in wet conditions.

• This rangefinder is equipped with 60-day money pay back guarantee when the user finds it faulty on purchasing. Also, it has a I year manufacturer’s warranty. These features confirm to you that you are buying a quality Rangefinder.


• User-friendly, this is because it is simple and easy to use, as a result making the game easier and enhancing the chances of making a sober decision.

• By the use of its different modes, they allow you to capture the target at different distances including dangerous ones. With that you will have to takes shots of great accuracy.

• So portable and compact, considering the fact it is equipped with its own small bag and a strap that permits you to hang it when you are not using it.

• Offers you as a user quality services at an affordable price making it a must have

• Has a 60 money pay back plan and a 1-year warranty thus proving to you that it is a legit product.

• Despite various it goes for an affordable price.

• In cases of fog, you can easily wipe it out and carry on with your activities.


Level of preparedness plays a major role in golfing. Being prepared dictates that you have acquired the right skills and quality equipment to see you through the competition. Those who are more prepared tend to have an edge over the others. The equipment needed includes a rangefinder. As it ensures you have a clear view of where you want the shot to go and you it is very accurate. So, make sure you purchase an efficient one.

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