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Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder Review


If you love to get things done by yourself, an angle grinder is a tool you should have and it has good quality at an affordable price. It is handy and does not make much noise like the other (though you should protect your hearing). It is one of those implements that you won’t know their usefulness until you use it for a job.

There are many useful attachments that you can use on an angle grinder as it doesn’t only grind alone. It can be used to cut or grind metal, plastic pipe, concrete, bricks, block, peel painted surfaces, eliminate rust, cut down nail heads.

Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder 1375A
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Bosch 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder 1375A
  • Compact: Weighing only 3.75 pounds, the Bosch 1375A Angle Grinder is lightweight, compact, and ideal for metal workers, vehicle fabricators, plumbers and other professionals who use grinders on a daily basis
  • Power: The angle grinder features a Powerful 6.0 amp motor to produce 11,000 no load rpm for professional cutting and grinding applications; The Efficient motor was designed with an extremely small field diameter, letting the user grind or cut with ease
  • Comfort: The 1375A offers a 2 position side auxiliary handle specifically designed to angle to a natural position for maximum operator comfort; The top handle of the angle grinder is also ergonomically designed
  • Convenient: The angle grinder also features Bosch’s Service Minder Brush System to eliminate guesswork and stops the tool when preventative maintenance is required; A 5/8 inches to 11 inch spindle works with a wide array of sizes, mounting the most popular accessories
  • Durable: The 1375A angle grinder features an epoxy coated design to protect the tool from abrasive debris; It was also designed with a sealed switch to keep dust and debris from entering the switch mechanism

The 9-inch angle grinder can be very heavy especially if you have to use it several times. So, the next time you want to start cutting, you can make use of a small angle grinder with its diamond blade to make deep cuts in concrete, or with cutting disc to slice stainless metal. It will be much easier and save time.

The Bosch 1375 A 4-1/2 inches angle grinder has a 6.0 Amp motor that produces 11,000 no-load rpm, making this grinder a powerful tool. It was manufactured for building contractors, vehicle assemblers, and other professionals who need a heavy grinder. With a grip that is well designed, a lock-on slide switch, two-position side handle this powerful grinder can do the job. It is well designed for fitting pipes, metal fabrication, concrete restoration, and so on. It makes use of service minder brushes that automatically stops the grinder from working once preventive maintenance is due and epoxy-coated field windings, for a long-lasting tool.

The lock-on slide switch, two-position side handle and 3.75 lbs weight makes it comfortable to use and control. This Bosch angle grinder is a tool that has various purposes like grinding, brushing, sharpening, sanding and deburring. This tool offers a 5/8 inch spindle thread for joining the most common accessories to it. The sleek housing handle is designed for easy handling and the two-sided handle is designed for comfort. Its dust resistance feature and the protected motor gives longer service. The spindle lock saves time as it changes the wheel quickly. It also includes flange kit, side handle, wrench, wheel, and guard.


  • 6 amps capacity, 11,000 rpm
  • Its built-in secured switch prevents debris from getting into it thereby extending switch life.
  • Lock-on/off switch for extensive user applications.
  • Service minder brushes remove uncertainty, putting the tool to a stop when maintenance is required.
  • 5/8 inch 11 spindle provides wider flexibility for attaching the most common accessories.
  • Specifically designed is the 2 position auxiliary handle for easy comfort and control.
  • The epoxy-coated field windings offer protection from dust and metal particles.
  • It is double insulated and in compliance with OSHA and also UL listed.
  • It has a spindle lock for the fast wheel change.


This tool is perfect for someone who loves to get things done themselves. Angle grinder tool is often looked down on and underrated. Meanwhile, they are so versatile in terms of use. The Bosch 1375A is on top with the very expensive ones in terms of performance but at an affordable price. You can’t be mistaken on this one.

Its vibration is very low in a balanced house. Angle grinders should be able to stand an unconducive environment that is present in fieldwork. The Bosch angle grinder is one very useful tool. It can be used for about 8-10 years if compressed air is used. This swallows plenty of dust and has to be blown out daily. Once you do that, you’ve got yourself a hell of a tool.


Be careful when buying this grinder. Some consumers have said that even though it is a very good tool in most ways, most accessories that make it more useful are not available despite Bosch displays them in its brochures.

The manual that comes with this grinder classifies the accessories for cutting tools (13CG-45) a cutting guard, and (13DC-45) a dust collection attachment. These attachments cannot be found anywhere. There are no accessories as advertised by Bosch. All they provide is one wrench, one guard, two bushings, and one handle says a customer.


The Bosch 1375A angle grinder is rated high for good performance and value. This implement is endowed with lots of features and it is designed keeping user safety in mind. The variable speed technology makes it eligible to perform various functions.

We would rate this tool in terms of its durability and reliability. Above all, this tool is perfect for home and light commercial jobs. It is not recommended for heavy jobs because the motor gets heated quickly.

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