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Best Concrete Masonry Drill Bits Reviews


The availability of modern tools has enabled safer and efficient construction. Concrete is one of the most construction materials in demand today. It is also one of the toughest materials which means you need a good and tough tool when drilling. Masonry drill bits or concrete drill bits are what you need for such purpose. Their heads are constructed using extra-hard materials to make them withstand the pressure of drilling into masonry.

If you want to make your masonry or concrete drilling easier, you have to choose the drill bits. Below are the top 5 best concrete masonry drill bits reviews 2019 to help you make an informed choice.

DEWALT DW5207 Masonry Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set, Percussion,...
1,510 Reviews
DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set, Percussion,...
  • The product is 7PC MAS Drill Bit Set
  • Easy to use
  • The product is manufactured in Germany
  • Rock carbide tip maximizes carbide surface contact for longer bit life
  • Four-flute design cleans debris out for fast, efficient drilling

If you want to add a stylish masonry drill set in your collection, DEWALT DW5207 is the right choice to pick. This is a German Made masonry drill bit set that can withstand repeated use in drilling tough surfaces. Whether it’s a rock or concrete you are drilling, the high-quality materials used to make these drill bits will make the work seem easy.

The set includes seven drill bits of various sizes ranging from 3/16 of an inch to half an inch. These sizes are enough for handling typical concrete or masonry drilling jobs. The carbide heads of these drill bits will prolong their life even when subjected to strong or repeated use. You can use a cordless or electric hammer drill with any of these bits to make the drilling job easy and fast.

• 4-flute design to clean out debris to make drilling fast and well-organized
• 3-flats on the shank for a firm grip when using
• Set includes seven pieces to ensure you get one that suits your drilling needs
• Carbide tips that ensure they don’t bend even when using them in hard surfaces

• Easy to use and control
• Highly durable
• Stylish design

• May become overheated at times

Bosch TI9IM Tough Titanium Drill Bit Set

Bosch 9-Piece Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit...
479 Reviews
Bosch 9-Piece Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit...
  • Impact Rated: Featuring the Bosch Impact Tough bit design so the screw driving bits are impact rated and provide 2X longer bit life than standard impact drill bits
  • Accuracy: These impact bits feature engineered no-skate tips for more accurate starts
  • Versatile: The Bosch TI9IM drill bit set is designed for heavy gauge, light gauge metal and hardwood applications, and high carbon steel
  • Precision: The impact bits provide effective material removal thanks to the long flute design
  • Protected: With titanium coating shield, The TI9IM drill bit set offers less friction than standard impact bits

If you want a masonry drill bit set that you can use for a prolonged time, you will appreciate the performance of the Bosch TI9IM drill bit set. The tips of the drill bits have a titanium nitrate coating which provides a cooling shield. The coating minimizes the amount of friction produced when using them hence reduce heat generation. This is what makes it a good choice if you will be drilling masonry for an extended period.

This set includes nine pieces of drill bits that are sturdily constructed and rated for heavy-carbon carbon steels. It will serve you for a long time without requiring a replacement. For easy identification, the bits are laser marked. This will avoid any confusion when using this set.

• No-skate tips to give you more accuracy when you are starting to drill
• Long flutes for removing drilled materials for fast drilling
• Hex shank which makes the set good for both drill and impact drivers
• Titanium coating which reduces overheating for prolonged use
• Quick release chuck which gives a firm and comfortable grip for easy use

• These bits are twice durable compared to other bits
• Can withstand prolonged use without breaking or overheating
• Affordable price
• Highly accurate

• No case for easy carrying
• Bits have a relatively small diameter

DEWALT DWA1240 Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Pilot Point,...
517 Reviews
DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Pilot Point,...
  • Designed for maximum speed and life
  • Pilot point and split tip design
  • No bit walking - more user control
  • Intended to be used on hard metals

Want a drill bit set that can give you speed during operation and last for a long time? This 14 piece drill bit set from DEWALT can give you that. The set includes a pilot hole and slip drill bits which give added control during drilling to avoid any accidents. Having enough control will also hasten the drilling process.

The drill bits have different sizes ranging from 1/16 to 3/8 of an inch to ensure you get one that best suits your drilling needs. However, you need to be careful when using the two 1/16 drill bits to avoid breaking them since they are a little bit thin and weak. However, you can trust the drill bits to handle any masonry drilling job you subject to them since they are made industrial strength.

• Pilot holes and split tip design provides a firm and comfortable grip for easy drilling
• Drill bits are made of Cobalt which makes them durable
• Pilot point eliminates bit walking during drilling
• Sharp and hard bits for a fast, smooth, and clean drilling
• Foldable case for carrying them

• Easy and comfortable to use
• Sharp bits
• Easy to carry around

• The two 1/16 drill bits may not last for long if subjected to tough drilling

DEWALT DW5470 Drill Bit Set

DEWALT SDS Plus Bits Set, Rock Carbide Tip,...
358 Reviews
DEWALT SDS Plus Bits Set, Rock Carbide Tip,...
  • The product is 5PC Rock Carb Bit Set
  • Easy to use
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • ROCK CARBIDE tip maximizes carbide surface contact for longer bit life.
  • Four flute design cleans debris out for fast, efficient drilling.

DeWalt has made a reputation in producing quality power and hand tools. They didn’t fail with this DW5470 drill bit set where they are offering you a product that you can rely on any time you want to accomplish masonry drilling on any surface. The set includes five-piece drill bits that are solidly made to avoid leaving you disappointed with a bent drill bit in hand during masonry drilling.

When drilling deep holes, this is the right masonry drill bit to choose because of the strong tapered core it has. You will also need to replace the set anytime soon due to its sturdy construction.

• Four flute design which cleans out debris during drilling to enhance efficiency and speed
• Rock carbide tips which make the drill bits highly durable
• Two sharp cutting edges for smooth, clean and round holes
• Wear mark indicator for accuracy in holes diameter

• Superior quality
• The set has the most used bits
• Drills through concrete with little effort

• The smallest bit can break easily if subjected to too much strain repeatedly

Bosch HCK001 Drill Bit Set

Bosch 7 Piece Carbide-Tipped SDS-plus Rotary...
271 Reviews
Bosch 7 Piece Carbide-Tipped SDS-plus Rotary...
  • INNOVATIVE: The Bosch HCK001 Drill Bit Set features patent pending, optimized 4-flute design to reduce bit stress when drilling, keep the bit running cooler, and for fast dust removal
  • LONGEVITY: Bosch-made, carbide-tipped bit heads are harder, tougher and more resistant and durable to extreme loads for longer tool life and faster performance in masonry
  • VERSATILE: Set includes one of each HC2010, HC2040, HC2051, HC2061, HC2081, and two HC2041 for handling a wide variety of heavy-duty drilling applications including concrete, brick, block and more
  • RELIABLE: Unique wear marks alert when tips of bits wear beyond ANSI specification while the centric tip ensures quick starts and rounder holes
  • PORTABLE: The included Brute Tough Storage Case allows for easy access, organizing and portability

This set consists of 7 pieces of bits tipped with carbide which makes them strong. The drill bits are 2 HC2041, HC2081, HC2010, HC2040, HC2061, and HC2051. They can practically drill through any surface. The set comes with a storage case to help you carry it around. The case also helps you to keep all the bits in one place to avoid losing them.

The bits have a centric tip which makes it easy to start drilling in concrete. These bits have wear mark which will alert you when the head has worn out too much. Using a bit with an excessively worn-out tip will make you use a lot of effort and take time to complete your drilling job. This mark can help you avoid that.

• Set includes different sizes of drills for a wide range of demanding drilling applications
• Carbide head makes the drill bits strong and durable even when subjected to regular and robust drilling
• 4-flute design which clears dirt from the hole during drilling

• Portable
• Easy to store
• Great performance

• Small bit may not withstand regular and robust use


Don’t just pick any concrete masonry drill bit you find in the store. Choose something that gives you real value for your money. Selecting any of the above masonry drill bits will not be a wrong decision. They are among the best you will find in the market and will give you quality and continued service.

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