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DEWALT DCK590L2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah 5-Tool Combo Kit review

DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit,...
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DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit,...
  • Power Tool Type: Cordless. 20V Max hammer drill with patented 3-speed all-metal transmission and 1/2-inch self-tightening chuck
  • 20 volt Max reciprocating saw with key-less blade clamp allows for quick blade change
  • 20V Max 1/4-inch impact driver features 3 LED lights with 20 second delay to provide visibility
  • 20V Max LED work light delivers 110 lumens of light output
  • 20 Volt Max circular saw with 6-1/2-inch carbide blade can cut 2-by-4's at a 45-degrees angle

The DEWALT DCK590L2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah 5-Tool Combo Kit is a complete set you need to undertake different jobs. It comes with a collection of five power tools that you can apply to accomplish different projects. The design of the tools takes into consideration durability. You have a system that will assure you of great safety and durability upon buying the set of tools. Some of the features which make them stand out to include the ergonomic design which delivers great power. The five tools included in the set consist of a premium hammer drill, an impact driver, reciprocating saw, a circular saw, and an LED light so that you can work even in those thinly lit areas. Each of the five tools is manufactured to meet the highest quality so that you can enjoy different features. Some of the benefits you enjoy in each of the tools include the following:

1. Hammer Drill

The half-inch hammer drill delivers great power. High efficiency and the powerful motor deliver enough force to allow you to drill through hard surfaces. The all-metal transmission allows you to select the right speed when doing the drill job. The hammer drill is faster than most drills in the market. The chuck with carbide inserts provides superior gripping strength. Slippage is reduced due to the great design of the hammer drill.

2. Impact Driver

The impact driver has great power. It can achieve up to 2,800 RPM which is up to 43 percent faster than most impact drivers in the market. It is among the tools you will access in the DEWALT DCK590L2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah 5-Tool Combo Kit set and achieve great success when performing different operations that require a lot of force. The chuck accepts 1 inch bit tips which secure the drill in position so that you can be assured of great success. Ergonomic design allows easy tightening and securing of the tool when working in fastening jobs. There is no kick back or reactionary torque when using the impact driver which has made many people prefer it over other brands in the market.

3. Circular Saw

The DEWALT DCK590L2 circular saw comes with a powerful motor that offers up to 460 watts output. Ergonomic design assures you a lightweight tool you can hold without any inconvenience. It can perform different tasks such as ripping, cross-cutting, framing, bevel cutting, plunge cutting among other operations where you need a circular saw. With up to 3,700 RPM, the saw is very powerful. It is 10% more powerful than the DEWALT 6.5-inch cordless circular saws. The 3.0 Ah lithium-ion battery provided makes it a great tool you can add to your power tools. Powerful battery fitted produces more run time when compared to other batteries in the market. The saw can bend up to 50 degrees hence making it suitable for several applications. 6.5-inch thin kerf carbide tool blade provides you with the ability to cut through while framing lumber at a 45-degree bevel angle.

4. Reciprocating Saw

It is a compact and lightweight saw which you can use to access tight corners and perform the task. Ergonomic design is aimed at helping you reduce fatigue as you carry out the DIY project. Blades can be changed easily through the application of the keyless lever-action blade clamp. The blades can reverse from upside down and flush cutting operations. Fast cutting can be achieved through the application of the saw. Electric brake prevents any breakthrough in the existing plunge cuts.

5. LED Work Light

You have up to 110 lumens in the LED work light so that you can undertake any job even if it is in the dark areas. You can easily differentiate between colors when applying the LED light. There is less heat creation than the conventional Xenon bulbs. The pivoting head rotates 120 degrees in the 11 detent positions so that you can achieve a wide range of visibility. Intenerated hanging hook makes it easy for you to work for hands free. The LED light can allow up to 11 hours of lighting before a
recharge can be necessary.

Benefits of buying the toolset

Very durable

The DEWALT DCK590L2 tools included in the set are all manufactured to meet the highest standards. You have powerful saws and hand drills that you can use for a long period before you can think of a replacement. If you are looking for a hand tool that you can apply for long before you can think of a replacement, then you need to opt for the power tool. It comes with all the tools you need to perform any project involving cutting and drilling.

Highly versatile

It is necessary to have enough tools which can allow you to accomplish different operations. The power tool comes with all the necessary features you need to carry out simple tasks as well as professional jobs in hard to reach areas. The compact design allows you to work in any tight corner. With the LED light, you can even work in dimly lit rooms. The manufacturers of the tool set took into consideration different factors in their design process to come up with the best tools.


The DEWALT DCK590L2 power tools are equipped with long-lasting batteries. You can use the circular saw and the band drills for long before you can think of a recharge. The use of long-lasting batteries makes the tools very reliable. You can use them outdoors for long without worry about the charge going low. There is no need for cords which can make your workplace messy or use of gas which pollutes the environment. The cordless tools use electricity which is a clean form of energy.

Easy to use

The DEWALT DCK590L2 tools are easy to use. They have been designed with several safety features which make them among the best you can access in the market. If you are trying to improve your home, you can buy the toolset and access the necessary items you need to undertake a DIY project at home. Safety features such as electric brake allow you to avoid any incident while using the toolset.

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