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Drill Press – an Indispensable Tool


Regardless of whether you are a professional woodworker or just a weekend hobbyist, a drill press should be in every workshop. A hand drill is fine if you only need it once or twice a year, but for the serious woodworker, a drill press is an indispensable tool to have on hand. Why?

A hand drill is useful if you have a project like hanging curtain rods. The job does not require power or extreme precision. That is why a drill press can become a necessary piece of equipment and can be better than a handheld drill.

  1. Accuracy: Drill presses are much more accurate. You can drill a perfectly aligned hole at the precise angle needed. Using a hand drill for such a task could easily be a hit and miss effort, even by a professional.
  2. Speed: If you have multiple holes to drill, a drill press makes the task quick and simple.
  3. Power: A hand drill is greatly limited in its power, whereas a drill press has a variable speed which gives the operator more control.
  4. Precision: With a drill press, you can drill a hole at the precise depth and at the precise angle.
  5. Safety: A handheld drill can easily slip in the user’s hand. A drill press provides more stability for the wood as the wood can be securely attached to the table with clamps.

There are two basic types available, the bench drill press and floor drill press. The bench model is smaller, can be attached to the bench, and is less expensive. It does not have as much horsepower, does not drill as deeply, and has fewer speeds available. It can be the perfect model for the hobbyist.

However, the floor model sits on the floor and is designed for harder jobs. It can have up to three times the horsepower as the bench model with more variable speeds. It requires more space than the bench model, but can certainly get any job done quickly and accurately.

Your woodworking capabilities can expand by using other attachments with your drill press. Other attachments can be purchased such as a spindle sander or a mortiser.

Woodworkers increase efficiency and accuracy with the use of drill presses. Whether you chose a bench-type or floor type, a drill press will become an indispensable tool for every woodworker.

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