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Jet JWDP 12 review


Review of the Jet 716000 JWDP-12 drill press

Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill Press
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Jet 716000 JWDP-12 Drill Press
  • Compact bench top design allows for easy transport
  • 10 x 16-1/8 inch cast iron base fits neatly on work benches with limited space
  • Stable base design allows for easy re-positioning on work bench
  • Heavy duty 1/2 HP induction motor for various drilling applications
  • Mechanical variable speed drive system for easy speed changes

The current world is heavily modernized and this trend has not only found its way to big organizations but also to homes and shops. Modern classy homes are defined by their exquisite touch accentuated by the use of modern equipment and materials. This can also be said of many shops. Among the vast pool of tools used in a contemporary home and shops is a drill press. This tool is extremely useful in certain ways such as timber crafting or wood and also when drilling metal. It is an essential tool that comes in handy on many occasions. Labor is always divided during constructions and for each section of labor, there is a unique drill press specifically for the job.

There are many types of drill presses as stated above but the current invention is a Jet JWDP 12. This type of drill press is a likable and most preferred drill in the market. Its accuracy is incredibly efficient and its ability to occupy minimal space while working is excellent. It has an induction motor that is dominant and it can also drill at different speeds. These two qualities make it exceptional and boost its drilling capabilities. It has also been portably created to allow you to move it from one place to another.


There are many qualities required from a drill press and the task of looking for one can be awful. This Jet JWDP 12 review, however, will save you the dilemma. Some of the features compounding this tool are;

●Skillful performance

This device is of great quality and has been tested for different professional tasks. Each test has yielded exemplifying results. It is made of top-notch equipment that plays the role of ensuring your work is exceptionally done. Additionally, visibility is promised when drilling complex pieces. This is due to the presence of the LED used to enhance the light. The Amazon Jet DWDP 12 is of high quality and readily available together with other jets. Thus, you should visit Amazon and buy jet JWDP 12.

●Rugged construction

The base is made of iron that produces rigidity and stability. These additional features make the device portable and close together hence can be placed on minimal space. This Jet has a flexible base and can be positioned differently. This is made possible by the rollers situated at the base. Finally, the knobs are large in size hence maximizing control.


Any drill press should be accurate. The Jet JWDP 12 is made of various features that enhance accuracy. There is a motor made of 1/3 hp that is used to power this tool. This, therefore, boosts its proficiency in drilling various materials and equipment. Apart from the motor is a precise scale that is linear and has the ability to measure accuracy and help you drill precisely. Also, not only does this scale help you to continuously drill small holes, but is also helps you to drill small holes.

● Versatile

This drilling device is made of different components that are flexible. This, therefore, improves its versatility and its ability to perform different tasks. The induction motor present in this drill is useful in different drilling jobs. Similarly, with varied speeds, the device can be used for a drilling job requiring the use of different speeds.

Apart from the stated features, there are other supplementary features that enhance its operation. There is a bump switch that has been placed at the front of the device that has two roles. The roles are namely security and also for starting and switching off the device.

Advantages of JET JWDP 12

There are various benefits associated with this device. They include the following;

●It has a firm construction that allows for balance.

●It has an efficient motor that allows for consistency when drilling.

●It has the ability to deliver perfect and exquisite finishing.

●The lasers installed are bright enough for visibility.

●It can be moved from one place to another easily.

●The design of this tool has been made to �dampen’ vibrations.

●It offers flawless delivery.

Disadvantages of JET JWDP 12

There are a few setbacks that have been reported. They are however minimal and the efficiency of this device is still exemplary. Some of the cons include the following;

●It has been reported that this jet does not have all the features found in other drill presses of its category.

●Adjustment of laser has also been reported to be a hectic process.

●Their material used to make most of the components of this product is aluminum and plastic.


This drill press is efficient and allows for accuracy. It is also important to note that it is a benchtop model and its dimensions are 11.1 inches by 20 inches by 28.9 inches. Its weight is 84 lbs. Therefore, if you have been searching for an accurate and reliable drill, you should not look further. This jet will perform your drilling task with precision.

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