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Rikon 30-100 Review

Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill Press
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Rikon 30-100 RIKON 8-Inch Drill Press
  • 5 Spindle Speeds 620-3100 RPM. Versatile speed range for drilling into any type of material
  • Solid Steel and Cast Iron Construction. Rugged heavy duty construction for vibration-free operation
  • Depth Stop, Set your drill depth easily and accurately; great for repeatable drilling


A drill press provides accuracy and power that can’t be achieved from drilling by hand. It plays an important role in building projects especially for drilling angled holes or multiple holes to the same depth precisely. When it comes to finding a good drill jobs, needs vary from occasional hobby user to the professional at the workshop. For most routine drilling duties such as boring deep mortises, plowing Forstner bit into hardwoods, or drilling into the end of a long work-piece, a bench-top model packs sufficient capacity and power.

The Rikon 30-100 8 inch is a small bench-top with all the capabilities of handling a wide range of drilling tasks which makes it a valuable tool for metal workers and carpenters for any type of woodworking and metalwork at mechanic shops. Credit to its impressive performance and durability, Rikon 8 inch bench-top drill press is the perfect tool for home shops and small garages within limited spaces for medium to heavy usage and costs about half as much as the floor-standing model.

Specifications and Features

  1. Solid base material with a powerful motor. Rikon 30-100 8 Inch rugged with ‘heavy-duty Steel and Cast-iron construction with solid-iron handles for vibration-free durable operation. It is incorporated with a 3.6 Amp motor designed to provide sufficient power needed for the drilling operation.
  2. Easily adjustable 5-speed range. The 8 inches Rikon featured with five speeds ranging from adjustable 620- 3100 RPM depending upon the type of material and type of hole required. This feature is very essential when drilling using different bits and bit sizes on different materials. Simple re-alignment of drive belts on the pulleys significantly adjusts the press to five different speeds. The belts are manually operated without any specialized skills. Small-sized holes for softer materials can be drilled at a higher speed very quickly while large holes are drilled at slower speeds into harder materials. The “Keyed Chuck” is very simple to adjust with half an inch capacity for bits of wide ranges., from hole-saws to HSS to spade.
  3. Movable worktable surface for all types of clamps. The worktable on Rikon 8 inch press drill is built from a mechanical cast plate which is very easy to move up and down just by moving the crank handle fixed on the support column. The table is specially designed to allow usage of a variety of clamps and fences with use slots.
  4. Precise Rotating mechanism for angular and depth holes. Moreover, it is very suitable to drill angled holes with superior accuracy by tilting a work surface table up to 45 degrees both clockwise and anti-clockwise. The product is very compatible with 4″ vise which perfectly fits into the slots and accurately set the depth stops and drill depth for precise and repeatable drilling.


  • Built with quality material similar to large and expensive drill presses and emphasized with great capabilities as those larger ones.
  • Variable speed with powerful 3.6 Amp motor for versatile work-jobs and projects.
  • High strength and Cast-iron construction for heavy-duty and steady operation.
  • Designed to accept bits with larger diameters especially for woodworking and cutting.
  • Depth adjustment mechanism to enable user-friendly depth control when drilling.
  • Nicely designed with a large front paddle with on/off switch to enhance safety and prevent occurrences of accidents especially to areas flooded with children.
  • Five-year limited manufacturer warranty with quick and helpful customer services.


  • The table will fit 4″ vise only if you clamp it since holes won’t line up to bolt it 3″ vise would work perfectly but you will have to buy it separately.
  • The fiction plate is very thin and bends easily. You might need to adjust it regularly until it breaks. Rikon could have put a better latch on it.
  • Installing the chuck requires hammering to press fit. Lever handle also requires hammering and precise alignment of a key-way to install properly.


Overall, the Rikon 30-100- 8 inch is without a doubt the best choice for many light home users. Based on the reviews given by customers in Amazon, most of them found Rikon 30-100 worth investing on Conveniently, the drill press requires little knowledge to operate with hardly any skill. The durability, performance, and safety feature of this press drill is appreciable. The company is also dedicated and committed to quick and reliable customer service. Hence, it is the easiest and the best solution for all native and professional users to make a precise hole of any size with any material you desire.

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