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The Definitive Guide to Drill Press for Sale


A drill press(DP) makes a useful addition to any collection of tool gears. It is among the most versatile pieces of equipment since it can create holes in metal, wood along and many other materials. The main job of a DP is to make evenly sized holes to desired depths. Users of a DP can usually add extra attachments in order to transform the device into a spindle sander, pocket hole device, grinder, buffer, or a mortise unit. Drill presses allow good accuracy and ensure that users are able to drill precise holes. In addition, they can bore holes even through hard materials at the exact angle needed.

Shoppers of a drill press for sale should assess each unit’s capacity. When they review the size of a DP, shoppers should consider the fact that its size is two times its throat depth. The throat depth is the distance from the column to the chuck. This measurement is called the DP’ swing. On this number depends the width of the cutting material accepted by a DP. For example, if you purchase a 12-inch DP, then you will have a throat measurement of six inches. That means that the machine can reach the middle of a piece of material with a width of 12 inches.

When shoppers search for the right DP for their project, they can select from a floor model or a bench-top unit. If you need a device with more power, then it is recommended to purchase a floor model. Floor models offer, in addition, more attachments and accessories and they are also able to drill through thicker materials.

Consumers who will use their DP more casually can choose the bench-top style. A bench top is useful for completing numerous at home tasks, as it can make holes 10 to 12 inches deep. This provides enough depth for simple building projects. Furthermore, a bench top is also more affordable.

Manufacturers also offer some specialty versions such as magnetic or radial drill presses. A radial unit can make angled drill holes with a tilted head. In addition, the head of a radial DP can extend to offer over twice the swing capabilities of the standard units. A magnetic DP is more powerful than most floor standing and bench top units, and can drill holes in structural steel and other metal forms. A magnetic drill is also offering easy transport between different project sites.

drill press Recommendations

Shoppers who consider a DP for sale should assess the recommended uses for each machine type:

  • Bench top DP can usually swing from 8 to 12 inches. The machine’s stroke is able to reach from 2 to 3 3/8 inches. This type of DP usually costs less than other models and you can easily store it even in small spaces. With a bench top users can cover light professional tasks and simple household jobs.
  • Floor standing units allow a stroke from three to six inches and a swing that stretches from 13 to 20 inches. These models provide a greater capacity and more power, so users can also complete some heavy duty tasks beside regular tasks. That makes floor standing drill presses suitable for professional use.
  • Magnetic drill presses allow a swing that can reach for to over eight inches. They can make holes through steel objects with a thickness of over four inches. It can be easily moved between project sites. They are heavy duty devices used by professional metalworkers.
  • Radial drill presses can have a swing of at least 24 inches. They permit angled drilling due to their specially designed features. It can cut through broad materials wider than 17 inches


Consumers can purchase a DP for sale with various motor sizes. The usual motor size choices range from 1/4 to one horsepower. The higher horsepower versions are able to cut holes through harder materials. Shoppers should also consider the hole depth required to achieve. The DP’ depth potential is described by the term quill travel. A DP with a higher quill travel is able to create deeper holes.

Drill presses’ speeds provided range from five to 12. The different speeds permit to drill holes with different diameters and prevent damage to the material and drill bits. Variable speeds offer more versatility.

It can also feature depth blocks. The depth stopping mechanism has the role to ensure that the quill stops at the proper depth of penetration.

One of the most popular DP features is the fences device. This mechanism allows completion of more than one hole. Asa user works on a project, the fences device will block the material.

It may also come with a table that can be raised and lowered for more convenience. The drill press table can also swivel 360 degrees around the base in order to allow users to work with odd-shaped materials.


Among the most reputable DP brands are included names such as Grizzly, Delta, Milwaukee, and more The best brands feature many benefits such as high quality built, durability, control panels, portability, or separate material feed positions.


Shoppers looking for a good drill press for sale should assess the machine’s features such as convenience, flexibility, and the needs for maintenance.

Here is a list of the most common features:

  • Poly-V belts — a mechanism that emits power to the unit’s engine in order to enhance its performances.
  • TEFC motor — a totally enclosed fan cooled element added to the device’s motor in order to protect it from debris.
  • Mortising package — added versatility and capacity to create rectangular holes.
  • Rack-and-pinion height modification — adjustable table for improved safety and precise use.
  • Table shifting — a table that can tilt in order to ensure the correct cut of angled holes.
  • Built-in light fixture — a lamp that provides improved visibility when drilling.
  • Drill bits — specific design elements adapted to the work required. For instance, there are masonry drill bits designed to cut holes through tile and marble or cobalt bits designed to work on hard metals.

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