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If you are on the lookout for a multipurpose and compact home drill that has a host of exceptional features and is in the affordable range, WEN 4208 8- Inch 5 Speed can be a good choice. Being a machine with the ability to deliver reliable and accurate performance along with high output power, this drill press is the perfect tool for crafty and creative people who want a powerful machine to complete various tasks at home.

WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press
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WEN 4208 8 in. 5-Speed Drill Press
  • Includes a 1/2-inch keyed chuck and onboard key storage
  • Operates at 5 different speeds: 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, 3140 RPM
  • Spindle travels up to 2 inches with easy to read, locking linear depth stops for accurate and repeatable drilling operations.Cord Length (ft.):6
  • Durable 1/3 HP induction motor develops ample torque and power
  • 6-1/2 x 6-1/2" worktable is height adjustable and bevels up to 45 degrees left & right

What the Product Feels Like

A bright yellow and black finish gives the WEN 4208 an attractive look and makes it feel like a premium product. The product weighs about 32 pounds which is not much compared to some of the other products in the market. It also requires very little space which means it can be easily moved around the house. Assembling the tool is one of the easiest tasks you will ever come across thanks to the detailed and comprehensive manual that comes along with it. The package contains all the necessary equipment you may require to start working right away on your projects. Although this product isn’t one of the expensive ones out there, it delivers a minimal chuck and spindle run out, which is great if you want precision while creating holes. The table, drill head and other important parts are all made of cast iron which offers rigidity to the drill press.

What Is Included In The Package

– WEN 4208 Drill

– An inch Chuck with a Chuck Key

– Tools and Manuals Required For Assembly

– In Built Laser Guides

Pros of the WEN 4208 Drill PrHigh-Quality

Quality Product

The WEN 4208 is a top-quality machine with the capability to drill materials quickly and with precision. Accuracy is one thing which is never compromised when using this product. One great thing is that it also allows you to drill through thin pieces of metal along with pieces of wood. making it truly a flexible and multipurpose drill press.

5 Speed Change Option Offers Quicker Drilling Speed

A five-speed option allows users to vary the drilling speed depending upon the material, which facilitates accurate and quick drilling and delivers top-notch performance.


The pricing of this product has been a major reason for the rise in popularity of this drilling tool as most people do not want to spend a large amount while purchasing a drill press that they plan to use for domestic tasks. This high-performance drilling machine is available at a very affordable price of about $ 80, which feels like a bargain once you start using it.


Strong Durable Induction Motor

The 1/3 HP induction motor delivers enough power to tackle even the most resistive materials. The 5-speed motor can work in wide range from 620-3100 RPM and is reliable and durable. So you need not to worry about any motor failures or breakdowns as this tool has the ability to handle tough situations.

2 Inch Spindle Travel

People who need to drill for long periods of time will know the importance of starting or stopping a drilling session without damaging the work that has been done already. The WEN 4208 manages to accomplish that easily leaving you with nothing but precise results. The spindle travel has an easy to read linear depth stop to make things easier for users.

Low Noise

Drilling tools tend to produce a lot of noise which can be irritating to the user as well as the people in the surrounding. The WEN 4208, however, does not produce any noise at all and works as quietly as possible leading to a better working environment in your workshop.


-1/3 horsepower Induction Motor

-2 Inch Travel Spindle

-61/2 inch x 61/2 inch work table

-Locking Linear Depth Stop

-5 Speeds (620, 1100, 1720, 2340 and 3100 RPM)

Cons of the WEN 4208 drill press:

Lack Of Simplicity

The lack of simplicity is one of the main problems while using this product. Users may also find that there are some tasks that this product cannot accomplish.

Tends To Wobble Sometimes

The drill press needs to be absolutely stable in order to achieve accurate results but this machine tends to wobble sometimes during usage which might bother a few users who work on high precision projects.

WEN 4208 Conclusion

The versatility and affordability of these products are what makes this a popular choice among users today. Although there are some minor issues of concern, the high performance and durability delivered by this model make it one of the best budget products out there in the market. So if you are thinking about going for an affordable drilling machine, the WEN 4208 should be definitely one of the options to be considered. Another alternative to the WEN 4208 is the WEN 4214 which you may be interested in reading the review for that before buying.

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