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What Kinds of Things Can a Drill Press Do?


Things than a drill press(DP) can do.

A DP is by far one of the best equipment that a metalworker or woodworker can add to his workshop. It has got a multitude of advantages over normal handheld drills. It gives you perfection, control, and flexibility in any kind of drilling operations. It comes with a variety of attachments which makes it way more convenient to be used. So, the question is

What Kinds of Things Can a drill press Do?

Below listed, are points which a DP can do efficiently:

Better control of drill speed

While using a handheld drill machine, a user can increase or decrease its speed by applying pressure to the trigger, and at the same time, he has to make sure that he is holding the drill at the required angle. But it is much more difficult than it sounds because maintaining the constant required drill speed and also holding the drill at a specified angle or applying required pressure is a lot of complexity to handle altogether. DP uses a fixed handle and its speed is controlled by an easily adjustable drive belt which is located in housing above the chuck. It makes the whole operation a hundred times easier. Some modern DP uses variable-speed motors in conjunction with a stepped pulley system.

Drill wider holes

The motor of a DP is more powerful than the motor of a handheld drill; hence the user can apply less of his energy in drilling holes. Moreover, since having a powerful motor, the drill head can be fitted with wider drill bits which help in the drilling of wider holes in the given material, that too, with accuracy.

Variable depth drill operations

There are certain cases where a specific hole depth is required to be drilled rather than completely drilling through a given material. In these cases, a depth stop is used. DP generally comes with a depth stop which can be set so that the drilled hole depth does not go beyond the pre-set point. If multiple such holes are required, it is a lot easier to replicate the process using the DP than using normal drill equipment.

Drill at any specific angle

DP comes with an adjustable table that holds the material on which the operation must be performed. Some drill presses have tables that are not only height adjustable but can also be adjusted at variable angles. Clamping the material on the table and tilting it to the required angle, and angular hole can be drilled.


In the absence of proper mortising tools like a chisel, a DP can be used to perform mortising requirements. Some DP comes with mortising attachments which can be used to mortise a square or a rectangle on the piece of material. While multiple operations may be required to be performed to mortise a perfect square or rectangle, but DP still can do a beautiful job.


The process of cutting threads into the interior of a hole is known as tapping. Ensuring that the tap is correctly done is very important since the slightest of undulations may cause the bolt or the screw in material to be crooked and damaged. Tapping done with DP ensures that the threads are straight and hence safer and a better option than using a handheld drill.


When a hole is drilled, the interior surface is sometimes rough and it is needed to be polished. A DP comes with various such sanding attachments. These attachments “sanding drums” can be inserted inside the chuck to create a sanding tool. DP sanding best suits the sanding of the interior of newly drilled holes and rounded cuts.


When a hole is drilled, it is often observed that while the surface where the drill bit enters the material stays smooth but the exit surface gets uneven and chipped. This can be reduced or eliminated using the deburring tool attachment which comes with a DP.

A DP can perform almost all drilling oriented operations with the amount of accuracy that a normal drilling device does not offer. Being easier to operate, less input required, lots of versatility, power and lots of functionality a DP is a very important piece of equipment one should consider using.

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