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AR Blue Clean AR118 Pressure Washer Review

AR Blue Clean AR118 1,500 PSI 1.5 GPM Hand...
  • 1,500 PSI/1.50 GPM
  • Automatic safety valve with pressure shut-off at pump head
  • Three axial-piston wobble-plate pump
  • Tempered stainless steel plungers
  • 30-Foot power cord/20-Foot hose

The company AR (Annovi Reverberi) has a history of half of the century to produce high-quality pressure pumps. They have utilized their vast expertise of manufacturing pressure pumps to produce this small Blue Clean AR118 pressure washer. The product contains a 3 axial-piston plate pump, gun wand, compact induction motor with sprays heads, water filters, high-pressure hose, and injector kits. Probably you will be amazed to know about its shape and size. This pressure washer is compact and very small in size that you can carry it along anywhere. Isn’t it a real comfort? It has a minimum weight as compare to other pressure washers by the competitors but this product provides 1500 psi at 1.5 GPM, means you can perform all of your household tasks very easily through it.

Ease of Use: 5/5

The size, shape, and weight of AR118 are very handy that you can use it with full comfort and ease. You can take it along anywhere you wish to carry. AR North America introduced this product in the market; it looks super easy to be used over. You can do all of the things with great ease likewise changing nozzles, attaching the wands, hose connections, starting it to move around and everything else wouldn’t make any problem for you. You will start loving while you use it over. In fact, I would say it is even easier to use under $100 pressure washer rather than using a pressure washer having a $500 worth.


Easily portable, small form factor pressure washer, enough power for domestic tasks, very dependable, and cheaper in price.


The washer is completely made up of a plastic body and has below par nozzle jet and hose.

Noise: 5/5

Definitely, the product has a smaller motor and it doesn’t make much noise. Perhaps, a baby wouldn’t wake up if you run it over.

Power: 4/5

In terms of power, the product is meant for small homes and limited domestic usage. Though I would say at such a low price, the consumer is getting enough powerful product.

Application: 5/5

This tiny washer has its own advantages. It would be a great blessing for your mom, sister, and household ladies. They can perform house cleaning tasks with great ease through it. In most occasions, bigger size gas pressure washers aren’t too much handy.

Durability: 5/5

At such a low price, a user should not expect a very durable product because the product has a plastic body and after several days or months of usage, a user may expect it to dry out. If I would tell, I have been using this product for a month now and the adapter and hose area tend to leak. The power cord has loosened up. The user has to be careful.

Customer Support: 5/5

I personally got an experience to contact their customer support. While delivering the product, the company forgot to ship the garden hose. They committed 02 days delivery and I got it in a certain timeframe. Great Work AR!

Overall Rating: 5/5

I would rate this product to be 5/5 as of the reason for such a cheap price, you get a very reliable and awesome product.

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