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At “Pressure Washer Reviews” we explore the newest and best available pressure washers available in the market. You will be getting the most comprehensive details as we start from unpacking to testing its limits, which includes general performance, accessories extendibility, durability, rough usage acceptance, number of features provided, warranty terms & period, and most importantly customer satisfaction ratings.

Majorly we are covering both Gasoline and Electric pressure washers, hence to make sure some model will surely fit for your need. Followed by a comprehensive summarized description, you can even find detailed reviews for any specific unit as well.

  • Light Duty Pressure Washer
    You may wash your patio, furniture, cars, small concrete areas, and lawn equipment. More…
  • Medium Duty Pressure Washer
    You may wash oily garage floors, deck, and driveway and can perform light-duty jobs. More…
  • Heavy Duty Pressure Washer
    You may wash medium-duty and even tougher jobs through this. More…

We are continuously growing and exploring new products if you want some item to be reviewed, please let us know.

Electric Pressure Washers

These power washers have limited total power output and they are used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. They make less noise and got enough power for domestic and commercial usages.

  • Best For – Indoor and Outdoor light usages.
  • Pros – Less noisy, efficient, less moving parts, and easier to maintain.
  • Cons – Limited by the length of cord, expensive, non-portable, usually bulky in design, needs safety precautions.

If you would like to perform light duty and medium duty tasks, such pressure washers are more suitable. They consume less electricity and perform household jobs quickly and efficiently.

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Gas Pressure Washers

Gas pressure washers are meant for industrial applications and are operated with increased flow rates and greater pressures. They are only used outdoors as they produce carbon monoxide which is hazardous for humans and animals.

  • Best For – Regular Usage, Industrial applications and heavy duty application.
  • Pros – Portability, High power, volume of flow and adjustable pressure.
  • Cons – Costly to maintain, expensive, requires fuel and noisy.

To perform heavy duty pressure washing tasks, gas pressure washers are more suitable. Though on a small scale, they can be used for household purposes as well.

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Models & Brands

AR Blue Clean Pressure Washers
These are the bestselling and arguably the finest electric pressure washer available in the market. The company has very reasonable prices and the products have great features. The model AR383 is the most popular in providing a great value to customers through its wonderful features meant for general users. Blue clean being proactive got great warranties and customer support. These are known for their electric washers, the highest selling AR383, AR118 and AR390SS are meant for medium duty.  Annovi reverberi pumps are considered to be very reliable. AR Blue Clean Company is located in North America, this is a brand you can always trust.
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Generac Pressure Washers
These pressure washers have features of variable pressure technology, valve engine designs, ergonomic spray guns and ease to access pump design. The company made its mark from back-up generators and now they have moved onto pressure washers industry. They are known for innovation and best engineering. The company started its pressure washer products in 1990 and they are only focused in Gas pressure washers. The 6602 OneWash and 6596 are the mentionable pressure washers manufactured by the company.
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Simpson Pressure Washers
In early 1960’s Jack Simpson initiated these pressure washers. They got almost 60 years of experience in the pressure washing industry. Megashot, PowerShot, Water Blaster are the renowned top seller brands by the company. I found the information on couplings, hoses and attachments are also very helpful which make the things a lot much easier. The top selling model is Megashot, it has all of the features you need, this is easier to use and has the maximum power.
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Briggs & Stratton Power Pressure Washer
Perhaps nobody can compete with Briggs & Stratton Power Pressure Washers when it comes to engines. The company is the biggest manufacturer for air cooled gas engines. Such component is used in heavy duty gas pressure washers. The company came into being in 1908 and has a rich history of outdoor equipment. The company produces engines having ranges of 2700- 4000 psi. The popular models are 775, 550 and 875 series.
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Yamaha Pressure Washers
Yamaha company is famous in motor sports and they are also working in pressure washers industry. Their motor has a very reliable design and the product is meant for heavy duty work. The heavy duty 30004000 psi units are available from Yamaha motor sports. The company has a corporate philosophy to generate heavy duty products with action guidelines and management principles to produce quality products having high efficiency quality control procedures in place. More than 50 years, they are working in the market and are producing high quality products which fulfill the demands of different categories of users.
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Champion Pressure Washers
3200 PSI and 4000 PSI are the two main pressure washers produced by the company. The company specializes in manufacturing, design, support of power equipment and has a great repute in the market. The company is based in Santa FeSpring in California. The company shows a great commitment to quality and has only few pressure washers as compare to its competitors. Champion Pressure Washers come with 01 year warranty and the specifications provided along with are really detailed for the users who want to buy these.
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Greenworks Pressure Washers
The company produces electric power washers having low cost value. The renowned models are 1700 psi and 1500 psi. Both of these electric washers are light duty washers. As compared to Blue Clean and Karcher, they are low in quality due to cheap in price.
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