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DeWalt Gas Pressure Washer Reviews


Do you know minimum how much does a DeWalt Sticker cost? It’s about $300 – yes that’s correct.

The manufacturer behind DeWalt pressure washers is Simpson. DeWalt is just branding their product and helping Simpson to earn royalties. Don’t be a surprise if I say Black & Decker is also doing the same.

Simpson manufactures pressure washers at their Decatur, Arkansas plant, and later rebadge them as DeWalt hence both companies are making some handsome profit. This is not the first time that DeWalt has used some other company’s product, they have been selling DeWalt ladders which were originally built by Louisville Ladder, Inc, and DeWalt heaters were made by HeatStar. We can’t blame DeWalt because if it makes money then it makes sense.

But DeWalt is not giving away their name like that, for a product to earn DeWalt name it has to be top class, durable and massive performance player. And in many cases products having DeWalt name is selling more expensive rather than original manufacture brand.

Following are the reviews of some best-selling DeWalt Gas pressure washers:-

DeWalt Pressure Washer 3200 PSI CAT Pump GX200 Honda Engine


This is undoubtedly the best pressure washer by DeWalt till-date. First of all, it is very much reasonably priced so that it becomes an obvious choice for most of us. Secondly, this direct-drive cold water gas unit has a power of 3200 PSI which is quite sufficient for performing heavy-duty tasks.

CAT Triples Pump is the main distinguishing feature along with Honda GX200 powerful engine to ensure the long-lasting operation and super durability. The above-mentioned combination of CAT Triplex and Honda Engine surely makes this product to be a quite sturdy, heavy-duty, and extreme performer.

Those people who believe in the DeWalt brand can go for this washer with closed eyes.

Some drawbacks:

  1. Because this unit is equipped with a Honda GX200 engine thus makes its noise level a bit high. Because Honda GX200 is a commercial engine producing much power, hence high noise level is obvious.
  2. As described above, DeWalt products are relatively expensive as compare to other peers. But the quality they offer surely makes sense for higher price tags.
  3. To qualify for a warranty you need to strictly follow the maintenance as per user manual.

DeWalt DXPW4240 Honda GX390 4200-PSI 4-GPM Gas Pressure (Read Full Review)


If you are looking for some extensive heavy-duty tasks to perform, then DeWalt 4200PSI pressure washer would be best fit for yours.

Powered with Honda GX390 commercial engine with 4200 PSI, this pressure washer is sufficient enough to blow off any stains or even peel of older paint. CAT frame with steel structure ensures the durability for overtime and quick connect nozzles allows you to clean almost any type of surface.

Big inflated tires make sure that you can carry this beast from one place to another without any hassle and from a security point of view different alert systems are there to help you for any possible misuse, such as oil alert to prevent engine.

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