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Earthwise PW20002 Pressure Washer Reviews, Accessories and Price


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Earthwise PW20002 comes with 2000 psi at 1.6 GPM. Such a high capacity power washer is very suitable to perform household tasks and can be used for commercial purposes as well. The product has a built-in detergent tank, adjustable pressure, and multiple spray tips. The product will work great for you if you want to clean the moss off of cement, preparing a fence for painting, and want to clean the car garage floor.


Auto-stop function, Built-in Spray bottle, Aluminum hose quick connect adjustable pressure, five spray tips, 35 feet power cord with having GFCL UL plug, 25 feet hose, and an economical price.


Too soft brushes in the motor and they will tatter sooner on regular usage and comes with only 01 years of limited warranty.

Customer Support:

While using this pressure washer I faced a problem with the hose that it doesn’t stay connected. It loses out every time while I start using it over. The customer support was very supportive and resolved my issue promptly and very quickly. They told me to lock the house with the green latch to the gun handle and it worked out for me. Probably if they would not have guided me thoroughly, I wouldn’t be able to resolve this problem on my own. I shared the entire functionality and procedure with other users and they were very grateful to me as they usually come across similar issues.


While you turn on the motor, it vibrates slightly with a little hint of grim sound. Once it is up and running, you wouldn’t feel it is operating. There wouldn’t be any sound once it is performing the required duties. I would say, even a baby wouldn’t wake up if you run it over at your home.


The product is working very well for me since I have been using it over for the last 02 months. Well, I have heard complaints about its durability. I came across reviews by different users, who started using it over after quite a while and the motor got stuck. Once the motor doesn’t work for you, you need to replace it over from the manufacturer. You should consider yourself lucky if the product is still under warranty coverage.


There is no doubt about it, that this pressure washer can be used to perform all of the household tasks with great comfort. What I would like to emphasize that even for commercial purposes you may rely on this machine, it contains enough power to fulfill your needs.


This is a highly powerful pressure washer and is available at an economical price. I checked out the reviews from different users and they admired its power and capacity.

Overall Rating:

I would rate this product to be 4/5. The company made a very powerful product at an amazing price that anybody can afford. The tougher household pressure washing tasks can be done within no time. The major drawback is its durability feature. The product has a short life.

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