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Have you ever heard about Handmade Pressure washers? That’s correct in initial days Simpson has been building handmade pressure washers 16 years. But with the increasing demand in 1985, they moved to power tools and assembly lines.

Even with automated power tools, they have successfully managed to keep the same repute and matchless quality. That’s why big brands like DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton felt no hesitation to use Simpson products.

Simpson mainly focused on heavy-duty pressure washers which are ideal for commercial usages. Since Simpson pressure Washers are really powerful and can easily make any damage if not used carefully. Due to massive power, they can easily damage your skin or fragile items.

In the presence of multiple brands, it is obvious to get confused about which brand to select. To make things easier for you, we have reviewed the following best-selling gas pressure washers:-

Simpson MEGASHOT MSH3125-S GCV190 Gas Pressure Washer Review (Read Full Review)


Simpson Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas...
  • HONDA GC190 premium residential engine
  • Maintenance-free OEM Technologies axial cam pump
  • Note : Keep Maximum Fuel level 1/2 Inch(12.7 mm) below bottom of filler neck to avoid fuel spillage
  • Welded steel construction frame.Pump/Hose Connection:Threaded M22 connection
  • 10'' Premium pneumatic wheels
In general Gas, washers are considered to be used for Commercial (heavy-duty) purposes only. But on the contrary, this Simpson Mega shot pressure washer is specifically designed for domestic use. If compared with its electric peer then this unit will simply blow-off with its mighty 3100 PSI power coupled with 2.5 GPM.

It’s your ideal candidate for outdoor cleaning such as flooring, furniture, patio, decks, etc… Simpson Mega shot is powered by world-renowned Honda. Yes, it is equipped with a Honda OHC engine with a capacity of 0.91 liters fuel tank which is far sufficient for 2 hours of continuous usage.

Simpson Mega shot happens to be very quiet despite its huge power and gasoline engine.

Simpson PS4240-S PowerShot 4000 PSI 4 GPM Gas Pressure Washer (Read Full Review)


SIMPSON Cleaning PS4240 PowerShot Gas...
  • HONDA GX390 engine w/ Oil Alert
  • AAA Industrial triplex plunger pump w/ PowerBoost Technology
  • 3/8 in. x 50 ft. Monster hose is kink and abrasion resistant w/ quick connect fitting
  • Welded steel construction frame
  • 13" Premium pneumatic wheels
Well, roll-up your sleeves for some SERIOUS work. This product is ideal for heavy-duty commercial use like cleaning the driveway, roof cleaning, or even stripping paint – well almost covering anything.

Simpson PS4240-S PowerShot is the first choice of professionals who work in the paint field, like graffiti or paint removal or even cleaning old woods. Though this is a purely commercial product it is not limiting you from using at home. You will have massive power in hand so be careful with fragile items or direct hand contact.

Simpson PS4240-S PowerShot is coupled with Honda technology and Honda GX390 engine is being used in this product. 3.1-liter fuel tank ensures that you can have an uninterrupted operation of up to 5 hours. Talking about power, the Simpson PS4240-S PowerShot produces mighty 4000 PSI at a 4 GPM – that’s why it is called “beast�? for a reason.

You might be asking, if this washer is so powerful then it might be very loud – good question! Well, that’s not the case, this Simpson PS4240-S PowerShot happens to have very low noise levels along with plaited steel hoe to throw fumes and gases far away. Like any good washer, this also comes with a quick-connect option to change multiple nozzles. Thanks to those big 13 inch wheels, otherwise it would be problematic to move this 150 pounds heavy washer.

Simpson PS3228-S GX200 Engine Gas Pressure Washer


SIMPSON Cleaning PS3228 PowerShot Gas...
  • HONDA GX200 engine w/ Oil Alert provides powerful clean for years (includes 3-year engine warranty)
  • AAA Industrial triplex plunger pump w/ PowerBoost Technology provides consistent water flow and pump bypass mode for pump protection
  • 5/16 in. x 25 ft. MorFlex hose is non-marring, kink and abrasion resistant, and equipped with threaded fittings
  • Welded steel construction frame and 10" premium pneumatic wheels for easy transport, set-up and load
  • 5 Quick connect nozzle tips: 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° and soap
If you are looking for the relatively “medium-duty” washer in Simpson brand then Simpson PS3228 pressure washer is a perfect match for you. Despite its powerful performance yet it is quite easy and compact to carry with. Simpson PS3228 pressure washer has a highly rated AAA triplex pump coupled with “power boost” technology which provides super pressure at nozzles for extreme cleaning.

Talking about Engine, again this Simpson PS3228 pressure washer is equipped with Honda power with GX200 OHV (Over Head Valve) commercial series engine with capacity up to 3.1-liter fuel tank which is quite sufficient for 4-5 hours of continues operation.

The frame body is made of steel with inflated tires for easy portability. Simpson PS3228 pressure washer is the indeed ideal choice if you are looking for a portable yet powerful gasoline washer.

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