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Yamaha Gas Pressure Washer Reviews, Accessories, Surface cleaner PW3028


Yamaha – well the name says it all. Yamaha has been in the industry for the last few decades and serving in different machine zone ranging from Music to Automobiles.

Following the tradition of producing quality products, Yamaha is now producing some excellent class Pressure Washers with the same customer satisfaction and trust. Sometimes it is really hard to make a choice in the presence of multiple brands. But if you are looking for some sturdy performance from a world-renowned brand then Yamaha is surely the best selection.

Following are reviews for top 3 best-selling Yamaha Pressure Washers.

Yamaha PW3028A 3000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer (Read Full Review)

Yamaha PW3028A Pressure Washer
  • Uses regular 87 octane gasoline
  • Wide, non-pneumatic tires mounted to rugged steel axles
  • Quick connect, corrosion resistant, brass fittings mean a solid, positive connection each and every time
  • Built-in detergent tank for smaller jobs and the flexibility to use an external container for larger jobs, if required
  • Braided steel, high-pressure hose means a longer reach and rugged durability

Yamaha PW3028A is an improved version of Yamaha 3000PSI with an increase throughout put and CAT Pump.

This unit is basically an improved version in terms of power pump, output, blazing design change, and multi-nozzle option. Yamaha PW3028A is equipped with a large tank that can produce almost 3 gallons of water per minute and thanks for the CAT pump which is there to make sure that this unit should serve long-lasting.

Yamaha PW3028A comes with an air-cooled system with a larger foldable handle and 30 feet long hose pipe. The nozzles are built of brass and metal so that you should not worry about any pressure issue.

This is unit is specifically design to be used indoor and here the role of 5-speed adjustable nozzle comes-in. Finally don’t forget about 3 year Yamaha warranty.

Yamaha PW4040A 4000 PSI Gas Pressure Washer (Read Full Review)

Its all about POWER!!! Yamaha PW4040A is equipped with mighty power of 4000 PSI which is far sufficient to remove ages old stains, renewing any surface (including metal) or even peeling-off an old rusty paint. You just need to point this nozzle and its done. Becareful don’t spare it on bare hands or skin.

Yamaha PW4040A is improved and latest version with much more increased washing power. It is likely choice of professionals who want some serious or commercial level of cleaning.

Obvious question will rise that if this unit is so powerful then it might be consuming a lot of gasoline. Good Question! But its not the case, this Yamaha PW4040A comes with automatic handle with controls and reduce the fuel consumption. 50 inch steel handle, rubberized hope pipe, pivot tip and rotating handle makes sure you leave no area un-cleaned.

Finally talking about durability and sturdiness of this project, then Yamaha PW4040A comes with 3-year limited warranty which you can claim either residential or industrial level.

Yamaha Gas Pressure Washer 3000 PSI

Yamaha is surely giving hard time to its rivals, this specific product is direct rival of Simpson, DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton.

Yamaha 3000 PSI contains plunger cooler that can produce almost 3 gallon of water per minute. Despite of its large capacity, this is not bulky and yet very compact and portable to carry with. Amazingly considering its mighty power of 3000 PSI this unit is also very quiet.

Yamaha surely has put some extra efforts on its design and chassis, thus this washer has bigger handle with much longer hose pipe to ensure that you don’t miss any corner or hard-to-reach areas. You can literally move around the Pressure washer and clean area while holding the hose.

Yamaha has taken care of its repute and offering warranty upto 3 year (residential and commercial).

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