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Yamaha PW3028 Pressure Washer Review, Manual and Price

Yamaha PW3028A Pressure Washer
  • Uses regular 87 octane gasoline
  • Wide, non-pneumatic tires mounted to rugged steel axles
  • Quick connect, corrosion resistant, brass fittings mean a solid, positive connection each and every time
  • Built-in detergent tank for smaller jobs and the flexibility to use an external container for larger jobs, if required
  • Braided steel, high-pressure hose means a longer reach and rugged durability

Yamaha PW3028 has a water pressure of 3000 psi at 2.8 GPM. The product has a CAT triplex pump and five in one nozzle having a pivoting tip and for easy access to dirt-busting soap, a detergent tank has been put in place. The pressure washer has a very reliable engine of capacity 192 cc, 04 strokes, and air-cooled capacity. The product wouldn’t heat up due to the air-cooled feature. This is a very reliable machine having energy efficiency and a gas tank contains 1.5 gallons. The pressure washer is generally used for commercial purposes. The Yamaha company is known for its reliable, dependable, energy-efficient, and superpower engines. Yamaha engines have a long life. The amazing feature of this product is that it is very quiet and smooth. Generally, gasoline engines make much noise. But Yamaha specializes in the field to construct noise-free heavy duty machines. Really this is amazing art!


Fuel saving and built to last long.

Ease of Use:

Everything in this pressure washer is top of the line. The spray-wand handle midway down can rotate 360 degrees and further can lock into place. If you want to spray in awkward places, it would really help you a lot.


As I said earlier, minimal or no noise is one of the special features of this pressure washer. Generally, heavy-duty commercial pressure washers do make considerable noise due to their heavy engines and maximum power but Yamaha has produced this awesome machine which is both powerful and reliable and less noisy.


Not that the figure stated: a water pressure of 3000 psi at 2.8 GPM, but the pressure washer is highly efficient in terms of power. The 192 cc engine would continue working for hours and most importantly it wouldn’t heat up. You may find pressure washers from different manufacturers having similar power but they cannot meet its efficiency and long life capacity.


I have checked the reviews from different users and they really admired its durability. As per them, this is a lifetime product and may work best for you for about 20 years or so. Means, you need to just purchase this product once and enjoy for rest of your life.


Due to its heavy-duty engine, the product is suitable for commercial and domestic usages as well. If you want to wash your car at your home, you can do so.

Customer Support:

If you really want to have a wonderful customer support experience, you may get in touch with Yamaha’s customer support. Everything is organized and well managed. Your inquiries will be dealt with great importance and each of the queries will get resolved well on time.

Overall Rating:

I would not rate this product less than 5/5 stars. This is a highly reliable machine and customers are highly satisfied with it. If you want a great experience of pressure washing, you may rely on Yamaha PW3028 Pressure Washer.

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